Energy Conservation Could Equal Cash Conservation For District

School District considering energy conservation that expert says could net $5 million savings.

Energy efficient lighting and heating could pay off big for the Kings Park School District according to information presented at Thursday evening’s board of education meeting.

The district is considering an energy performance plan that takes existing budgeted utility costs and reallocates them into energy saving capital improvements without a tax increase.

A bond would be used to pay for the $8 million cost, but no outlay of money for the district would be necessary and the district is expected to net $5 million in savings.

“We would get money through state aid, rebates through LIPA and through energy savings,” said Susan Agruso, district superintendent. “We should spend less and that difference should be more than enough, along with state aid to cover the payment.”

Boilers would be replaced at   which is on steam heat and at , along with more efficient lighting at the schools and computer controlled systems that would allow for better energy conservation.

“It gets us a lot of the work we need done,” said Agruso. “We don’t have to add to the budget and there is no tax increase.”

Albert Noesei March 24, 2012 at 12:46 AM
It seems to make sense. It will save the district money. It will not cost the taxpayers anything. The board will vote against it. :) I think they should cut more teachers due to "enrollment".
KP Student March 24, 2012 at 11:44 PM
I think KPHS needs to be taught how to be energy efficient. We leave lights on, machines off and not in use plugged in, and tons of things turned on that should be off. I think the simple steps people take at home can easily be applied to the school :)


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