Simple Spring Body Cleanse For Beginners

Do it yourself body cleanse (detox) that doesn't require purchasing fancy, expensive powders or drinking green slime for days on end.

I choose to use the word “cleanse” instead of “detox” because detox sounds so aggressive and invasive to me. Sort of like an extermination! On the other hand, a cleanse sounds like a gentle, daily practice that nourishes your body and its various systems while assisting your body to gently flush out the built up toxins within it… AAAHHH now doesn’t that sound much better???

Whenever the word “cleanse” is spoken most people cringe with a fear of starvation. The thought of drinking fluids alone for days on end seems like torture! Not to mention the “vegetable soup” concoctions you MUST drink that accompany most cleanses. None of that here people, No Way!!!!

Spring is the perfect time to begin a body cleanse because Spring is a time of renewal. After a long, dark and bare winter, life begins to stir and nature gives us a bounty of tonic herbs to help cleanse and nourish your body and it’s systems. I pride myself on being a “real person” and not a “Food Puritan” so this body cleanse is totally do-able. In the past I could never get through any torture cleanses no matter how hard I tried! I need FOOD darn-it!

Here is a Body Cleanse that works for real folks just like you and me. It will help to flush out the toxins in your system, clear your mind and help you lose weight naturally.

Begin your Spring Body Cleanse on or about March 20th (the Spring Equinox). Around that date begin eating bitter Spring greens such as dandelion leaves, mustard greens, chickweed, wild sorrel, etc every day. I make a salad from some assorted bitter greens and then drizzle it lightly with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a sprinkle of Himalayan salt and fresh pepper.

One Month Cleanse Directions:

  • Cut out all sugar (natural or not) and alcohol for one month ( I know that’s torture in itself… but you can make soooo many different desserts. Just check out my sugar-free desserts tab here )
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water per day (Ideally, you should drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds drink 70 ounces of water per day)
  • Eat one completely raw meal per day for one month ( there are a ba-gillion raw food websites. Go get some recipes and eat some RAW food!)
  • Drink a fresh vegetable juice at least once a day (Below are two of my favorites)

3 CAAL Energy Boosting Juice


Kale and spinach

1 celery stalk with leafy tops

1 large carrot

1/4 yam (orange flesh)

1/4 beet

1 cup cabbage, shredded

ginger chunk


  1. Juice all ingredients in a juicer and enjoy! This juice will help you improve your health, inner vitality and give you loads of energy!

3 CAAL Alkalizing Green Juice

Makes 1 full-day’s supply


2 large cucumbers, cut in quarters

1-2 heads celery with leafy tops

5 leaves dinosaur kale

1/4 bunch cilantro ( super AWESOME for your health!!!)

1 lemon, juiced

Optional: 1 apple with seeds


  1. Juice all ingredients. Store in sealed glass jars, filled all the way. Alkalizing Green Juice will keep for 1 day.

For more informations on healthy living and natural weight-loss visit www.threecavemenandalady.com

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