Blog: Discouragement Is A Choice

Becoming discouraged has everything to do with the way you think about disappointment.

Becoming authentic is a journey…. One that doesn't has a permenant destination. You see, we are living organisms; therefore we are always changing, always thinking new thoughts and always either growing or diminishing.

Nothing about your body or mind stays the same, changing from moment to moment. Our environment, circumstances and the people we surround ourselves with are constantly changing too. This will introduce new challenges to test our fortitude and dedication to living our truth.

The good news is... that for each day we are blessed with, we have the choice of working towards authenticity. Of course some days are better than others. I personally strive to be on the green growing edges of my personal growth. I am continually moving towards my truth, attempting to live it and speak it; every moment of every day. Working towards emotional and spiritual growth entails mindfulness and a daily practice of “not sweating the small stuff”.

The colossal bummer is that most growth comes from persevering through tough times and major disappointments.

The truth is that in everyone will suffer some disappointment in their life, but discouragement is another story altogether.

Discouragement is a choice.

Becoming discouraged has everything to do with the way you think about disappointment. Your personal beliefs will dictate your reaction and you will  become either discouraged or encouraged in any given situation.

For example, let’s suppose you worked very hard towards a goal. And in the end you fall short of it. There exists a fraction of a second where you have the choice to become discouraged and defeated. However, on the flipside you can make the decision to regroup, dig your feet in deeper and set out to try again with a new found fire burning in your belly.

When faced with struggles in life, I have found the following quote very helpful:

"I can become encouraged even in the face of disappointment because I have a faith that is bigger than any problem". 

My encouragement comes from my deep, unwavering faith in myself and my abilities to push through what ever might come my way!

The difference between a millionaire and a homeless person is so much more than an address.

It’s a mind set.

If you were to ask any successful person if they had disappointments and missteps on their way to the top. I'll guarantee their answer will be a resounding


It's how you look at the disappointment that changes everything.

Your perspective.

Most disappointments, mistakes or missteps are an opportunity to grow and learn. An opportunity to move closer to your truth and your authentic self.
More likely than not the unfavorable situation will come bearing gifts that are not visible to you yet.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “ People spend so much time staring at the door thats closed in front of them that they fail to see the window that has just opened right next to them”.

Having an open mind, faith in a higher power and acceptance to what is, whether favorable or unfavorable will align you with the Universal Laws that govern us all.

Begin a practice of harvesting the good out of not so great circumstances. In other words, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When I get lemons I make spiked lemonade because, I love a good party!

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