One Box, One Bag, One Bin at a Time

How to finally get organized.

You keep saying it: I want to get organized and yet it just doesn't seem to begin.

Well, its not going to happen all by itself (although you wish it would).  The most frequently asked question when I answer the phone to that new client, or begin a lecture is "How do I start?" The answer is "one box, one bag, one bin at a time."

Look folks, your cluttered home, packed garage or overflowing desk did not happen in a day. Most likely it all showed up one box, one bin, one bag at a time. Barring professional help, you can conquer that clutter, shoo away all that is stored and accomplish your goals.

Each and everyday take it one at a time, take a bin and bring it to your dining room table - oops no room there? You got it the table is number one. Clear it first and keep it clear to work on the next choice and beat the bulge!

Don't have a dining table? Choose a spot to clear, keep that way and kep moving forward. You can do this, you will get organized and beat that which overwhelms you. Put one foot in front of the other, take a deep breath and create your new order. 


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