Sunken Meadow State Park Reopens After Irene

Main beach, golf courses ready, trails closed.

reopened Thursday with power being restored to most areas of the park.

The park had due to Hurricane Irene. Clean-up at the park began on Monday and most power was restored on Thursday making the park ready for the public.

According to Regional Director of State Parks Ron Foley the three golf courses have been opened, the main swimming beach and most public access areas are open.

Restrooms are open but the concession stand remains closed.

Visitors should be aware that the trails in the park remain closed.

“There are still downed trees on the trails. The Cardiac Hill area had a lot of erosion,” said Foley.

As for Labor Day, Foley thinks the park will be in pretty good shape.

“The park will be open and everything we can make available we will. I think we will be okay. Labor Day is not a huge beach day. Many are getting ready to go back to school.


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