Spring Has Sprung in the Form of a Cupcake

The Park Bake Shop serves up a sweet treat.

I was minding my own business, walking around town enjoying the surprise break from winter when suddenly I saw it. Beaming and bright like a flower that sprung out of the ground. I knew I had to have it so I marched right into the and picked out the prettiest cupcake they had.

 The Dish:  A cupcake. ($2.00)

What's In the Dish?  Yellow cake topped with sweet fluffy butter crème frosting.

How's It Taste?: Let’s start with how it looks. This small cake looks like a slice of spring. Bright yellow frosting in the shape of a garden flower. It makes you smile just looking at it. Artfully done, you almost feel bad eating it. We got over that pretty quick though.

 The yellow cake was moist, not too dry. If you are looking to satisfy a serious sweet tooth you have come to the right place. The frosting was sugary sweet and hit the spot. The cupcakes here come in two sizes regular and slightly larger.  We tried the regular size and found it was just enough to fill that little space we all have in our stomachs that is left solely for dessert. Beware; the glass cases there are full of one beautiful cupcake after another. In fact, a few seemed to make it back home with me.

Sides: There is only one side that is worthy to stand up to this cupcake and that is a cold glass of milk. Enjoy.


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