News Nearby: Dad’s Pistol License Pulled After Son Makes Water Gun Threat in School

A look at top news from neighboring towns.

Miller Place-Rocky Point

Historical Society in Contract on Noah Hallock Homestead 

After the historic Hallock House, the oldest home standing in Rocky Point, went up for sale, the Rocky Point Historical Society sought to save the home. Now, the movement looks to be a success as the society is now in contract on the home, according to a report in the Village Beacon Record.

The society went into contract in March, according to the report. The home went up for sale in the Fall when Gloria Devereaux of Miller Place and her brother Louis Via Cava inherited it after the deaths of her mother and sister.

Port Jefferson

The Comsewogue Board of Education on Monday took a stance against what they say is an over-reliance on standardized testing on the part of the New York State Department of Education as school districts across the state adapt to the "Common Core" school curriculum,

The "Common Core" curriculum, adopted by 42 states so far, is a national standard to align student learning and better prepare them for college and careers.

Urged by Superintendent Joseph Rella, the board unanimously adopted a resolution they hope will get the attention of state education officials.


Dad’s Pistol License Pulled After Son Makes Water Gun Threat in School

A Commack father is pursuing legal action after his pistol license was suspended when his 10-year-old son allegedly talked about using a water gun on classmates who had picked on his friends in school.


Cancer Scam for Heroin Habit Ran Through Smithtown

At least one local in the area donated to help a young woman who police say ran an elaborate scam to feed her drug habit.

Three Village

5 Students Sickened by Brownies Thought to Contain Toxins

Suffolk police and Three Village school officials are investigating an incident Tuesday in which five 10th-grade students became sick after eating brownies given to them by another classmate.

The students were treated at Stony Brook University Hospital and released Tuesday evening. "The district believes that these symptoms were the result of the consumption of brownies potentially containing harmful toxins, which were obtained by a fellow classmate. The district’s utmost concern is for the safety and well-being of these students,” school superintendent Cheryl Pedisich said in a statement. “... The district is conducting an internal investigation and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken as necessary."


No Trace Left of Commack Cinemas

It's all just dirt and rocks now where the Commack Multiplex Cinemas once stood for 30 years.

Once a vibrant, local attraction, the movie theater is now completely gone to make room for a Lowe's Home Improvement store.


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