Local Voices: 5 You Should Read

Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban soda, a congressional candidate remembers D-Day and more from our local voices.



's blog, while well written and chock full of great information for anyone looking to run for public office, is also quite funny. Check it out.

You may have heard some of these foods are good for you, but are they really?   explains the myth behind some of these foods.

Our Bourbon selection keeps growing across the board and says he is developing a deep respect for this noble American spirit.

, a 23-year army vet and candidate for Congress in the 3rd congressional district, says as the number of veterans from World War II dwindles, he fear that the commemoration of D-Day, and the important sacrifice those who served on that day made is being diminished in the American psyche.

says this represents another way to nudge us closer to the blind obedience and subservience consistent with a Big Brother society.


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