Kings Park in the kNOw Expanding Its Reach

Drug prevention advocacy group working to become more visible in the community.

Local drug prevention advocacy group Kings Park in the kNOw recently announced its plans to strengthen its bond with the community, reaching beyond the newly adopted pilot drug prevention program with the Kings Park School District.

The group revealed that their new approach will focus on businesses and civic associations of Kings Park.

Kings Park in the kNOw president Maureen Rossi spoke of the importance of expanding beyond the school district.

Rossi said, “What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to make this an organization that represents all of Kings Park. We’re very blessed to be partnered with our school district, but if we want to be an effective anti-drug coalition it has to be more than just us and the school district. That’s really, really what we’re hoping to do.  We’re hoping to visit the other organizations and try to get their support.”

Rossi said representatives of the group would be visiting the Sons of Italy and the Chamber of Commerce to garner their support.

A poster featuring information on reporting drug crime is being distributed to area businesses in a effort to alert the police to drug dealing. Rossi believes that getting the authorities involved quickly plays a key role in containing the problem.

Civic member Ann Marie Nedell was confident in the message that the group was trying to send. She recalled a conversation she had with a friend who referred to Kings Park as a town with a drug problem.

"No," Nedell said. "Kings Park is the town doing something about the drug problem."


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