More Than Just Seafood at H&T Sushi

San Remo newcomer has at least a few vegetarian options.

A recent addition to San Remo, H&T Sushi has established itself as possibly the only place in town that serves a variety of Japanese foods. Located on 25A next door to the animal hospital and across from CVS, this eatery is geared towards take-out, with a few tables and a handful of bar stools in front of the sushi counter.

While many choices on the menu are sushi containing fish (some raw, others cooked), there are actually several options for vegetarian diets. This includes vegetable soba, Hibachi vegetables with rice, and a handful of different sushi rolls. Owner Ming Lian assembled this dish on the day we visited.

The Dish:  Vegetable soba ($6.40), 2-piece tamago sushi ($2.50) and 6-piece avocado sushi rolls ($3.50).

What's Inside: Vegetable soba is comprised of buckwheat noodles with purple onions, zucchini and broccoli. Tamago is sushi with egg and white rice. Avocado rolls contain its namesake inside rice and sesame seeds wrapped in seaweed.

How's It Taste? The vegetable soba is similar to Chinese lo mein, though its combination of vegetables gives it a more robust flavor. The rectangular egg in the tamago sushi has a subtle sweet flavor and is fluffy like a pancake. The avocado roll's ingredients combine for a satisfying, chewy texture.

Appetizers, two-piece sushi, six-piece sushi rolls and soups run between $2.00-$7.50. Full meals (hibachi and sushi entrees) run from $8.25 to $17.00.

Bottom Line: Sushi at a reasonable price with a drive to match.


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