Summer Scenes: Old Man And The Sea-Smithtown Bay

Send us your summer scenes.

Local historian King Pedlar sends us these pictures of Harold Lynn Bundy and his 27' Cape Dory Sloop which he kept docked at the Nissequogue Boat Club for State Hospital Employees for about 20 years during the summers 1970-1990.

Bundy was an employee at KPSH's occupational therapy department from  1965-1979 when he retired at 70 years old.

This photo shows him just off the bluff.

"Bundy had such a Norman Rockwell look," said Pedlar. "He came from the advertising world in Manhattan as an art agent during the 1960's."

When Bundy retired he settled in a small house over on Leonard Street across from what used to be Waldbaums but is now CVS.

Jack Hesel August 12, 2011 at 12:15 PM
I sailed with Lynn Bundy many times. He was a character out of some 20"s novel and would have been right at home among the Gatsby's or as a friend of Bertie Wooster from the Jeeves stories. His ever present pipe gave him a woodsy odor and enhanced his nautical look. His many stories about the field of advertising during the thirties and forties would make a nice series of episodes of Mad Men. He was from Oklahoma. His brother, Gilbert, was a famous illustrator for advertising and also made a series of pictures that illustrated scenes from World War II. An interesting man who was erudite and knowledgable about many subjects. A good chess player too. He was a lifelong Republican who never got over the election of FDR. He read all of Anthony Trollope's novels and seemed to long for the old days of civility and rugged independence. Yet, he had a strong sense of empathy for the patients with whom he worked while at KPSH. King's pictures stimulated these memories.


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