Maureen Rossi
Maureen Rossi -  I began covering the news in 1993, my first gig for a big NY daily was in the mosh pit at the Limelight in NYC covering a band named Woof Woof, I ended up having the band over for dinner a few weeks later, I'm still friends with the lead singer Frankie. 
As the daughter of a New York Times pressman, I grew up under the thunderous roar of the now antiquated 43rd Street sub-basement presses - the news business has galvinized me since I was five years old, every morning there would be four dailies on the kitchen table of our three-story walk-up and the late editions would show up in the afternoon.  Those headlines shaped the fate of our nation and they mesmorized me. Although not formally trained, I learned the news business from the ground up and that has proved to be a difficult but fabulous adventure. The business has come a long way from late-day editions but it still galvanizes me every single day.
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