Voter Turnout Steady At the Polls

Residents polled said that they were in favor of the budget.

Voter turnout has been steady according to staffers at the polling tables at RJO Intermediate School where residents came to cast their ballot.

“Not to crazy,’ said Judy Bishop. “Nothing out of the ordinary but steady.”

Overall, residents were in favor of the budget, with none who were asked, voting it down.

“I am a teacher in another district. I voted yes and I always vote yes,” said Angela Mislowack, who works in the Northport School District.

Jerry, who wished not to use his last name, said he thought the budget increase was reasonable and voted yes to support it.

“They weren’t asking for much. They kept it pretty low,” said McElhone.

Ed McElhone Jr. of Clayton Funeral Home voted yes and was headed home to send a Facebook message to remind everyone to vote.

“It was a very responsible budget,” said McElhone. “They did a lot of work on it.”

Others supported the budget because their children attend or attended the schools.

“I voted yes. I have kids in the district,” said Joseph Seery.

“Kids need a good education,” said Patricia Zeigler, a Kings Park resident for 32 years. “It is a minimal increase.”


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