Petition Calls for Increased Bullying Awareness in Kings Park Schools

Tell us how concerned you are about bullying in Kings Park and its school district.

Kings Park High School. (Patch file photo)
Kings Park High School. (Patch file photo)
An online petition is hoping to catch the attention of Kings Park school district administrators and focus it on bullying within local schools. 

A Change.org petition titled "Kings Park School Administration: Have more awareness on Bullying/ Anti-Bullying Assemblies" is quickly gaining attention and signatures from Kings Park residents and the surrounding communities. 

The short online petition's introduction reads, "We as a school need to be more aware of bullying and how to stop it. It's disgusting how mean we all are to one another. And it's disappionting that the administrative staff does not do a good job of punishing the bullies. Kings Park needs to change before something tragic happens. So please sign this petition." 

The attached letter form simply asks Kings Park school administrators to "Have more awareness on Bullying/ Anti-Bullying Assemblies." It reached 50 signatures as of Nov. 30, and as of 5 p.m. Tuesday had 79 supporters including current Kings Park students, parents and alumni. 

One supporter Bill Kacyem, of Smithtown, wrote, "Because bullying is a prevailing and pervasive problem today and there's not enough to prevent it. So many poor souls are getting ostracized because of who they are and people see this but say nothing. We need to make a change, even if it starts small."

The petition is seeking 21 signatures before it reaches its minimum goal. 

Kings Park residents have recently taken to Kings Park Patch's boards voicing concern about bullying in the schools and how it is handled. 

Do you think bullying is an issue is Kings Park Schools and how would you rate school officials on their handling of it? Tell us in the comments below. 
Christopher MacDonald December 04, 2013 at 09:31 AM
I'm glad these residents are standing up and voicing their concerns. Remember: it is a few bad apples who spoil the whole bag. School staff need to extract them if necessary, in order to save the whole bag. In order to effectively deal with bullying (on and or off school grounds), one must contend with what I call THE BIG THREE... Christopher MacDonald, author of How to Stop Bullying in Schools Once and for All
sally pruslow December 04, 2013 at 11:31 AM
Parents have to be involved too! Students need role models and learn what is unacceptable, often these models are not there. District wide programs can help. Programs have to involve the family. These values are life lessons and need to be shared.
Sue Mc December 04, 2013 at 06:49 PM
Everyone should get involved to stop Bullying, it is not just students , getting Bullied after reading and hearing about the School Bus driver from Kings Park who quit because he was Bullied , by Dr , Agruso, Steve Lee the Transportation Supervisor, and Dispatcher. And all of the Bus Drivers and Bus Aides , saw what was happening to him .Some of them even commented about it, and he even sent a letter to the School Board about it and nothing was done at all . They say he was there for over 6 years, never missed a day until he had Cancer , died in the Hospital and came out of it. And needed help to overcome this, but was harassed, discriminated against and accused of some things that were found out not true, and never got an apology ., And these are adults with Educations doing this, seems like no brains and HEARTS . They should be brought up on charges or even dismissed, ad he should sue them all, because he has a very good case, and the Jury would be on his side all the way.
Shariq December 04, 2013 at 09:48 PM
As a student, you don't witness bullying that often or even ever in that matter. Majority of the bullying done now is through social media and it is mostly impossible to act responsibly as a third party unless you are informed of the act committed. People have this preconceived notion that bullies are those who pick on kids of due to their ethnicity and their religion of some sort. That is clearly the definition of a bully, if you lived maybe 10 years ago. KPHS doesn't have much racism and although you might hear a disturbing comment here and there, majority of the people respect each other. Today's form of bullying is entirely different and needs a systematic approach other than lecturing kids on how bullying is bad...
Christopher MacDonald December 05, 2013 at 12:06 PM
It is the schools that have the leverage when it comes to bullying. They have the power to extract, or at least they should have it. However, there are other alternatives as well, and you can find them in my book, How to Stop Bullying in Schools Once and for All.
Christopher MacDonald December 05, 2013 at 12:15 PM
I cover social media in my book as well. First of all, devices should not be in the school - they are a complete distraction! The police is some districts have set up task forces to investigate cyberbullying and are able to track ip addresses. They can then pass along the perpetrators names to the school, who will effectively deal with them. I also talk about safety school to retrain bullies. The cost is easily absorbed by getting rid of the bureaucracy and allowing schools to be managed autonomously - but in concert with one another. I have a well thoughtout plan that will eliminate bullying in any district (on and off school grounds) stopschoolbullies.com
mom of 2 December 10, 2013 at 10:04 AM
I agree parents should be involved with helping to stop bullying, the problem is the administration doesn't contact the parents until they are threatened or it has gotten too out of hand. Involve the parents when an incident is first reported and the parents can get involved and try to stop it before it get worse. I believe the parents will help if the administration would just get them involved.
Team Dawg December 11, 2013 at 10:02 AM
Over the years we have witnessed the tragic effects that bullying has on our youth. I often hear from our youth that no one helped them when they reached out for help and communicated the problem to a trusted adult in their life. If you become the trusted adult that any child confides in, you must take action and be the voice for that child. Communication is the key to dealing with this epidemic to prevent future tragedies.


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