Mixed Bag for Kings Park State Test Scores

State test scores were released in July.

When it comes to meeting state Education Department academic goals, test scores in the Kings Park Central School District have jumped up in some grade levels and subject areas.

That’s according to a report revealing English and math test scores for elementary and middle school students recently released by the state’s education department. 

In Kings Park, some notable gains were made in Grade 4 English, Grade 5 English, Grade 7 English, and Grade 7 math. The district saw slight dips in Grade 4 math and Grade 6 math, while Grade 6 English test scores saw a larger decline.

Here's how Kings Park fared with regard to meeting or exceeding proficiency standards in English (ELA) and math exams.

Grade/Test 2010-2011 2011-2012 3-ELA 86.5% 83.4% 3-Math 83.7% 88.9% 4-ELA 74.3% 79.5% 4-Math 84.8% 84.0% 5-ELA 69.3% 80.6% 5-Math 81.0% 81.6% 6-ELA 83.2% 75.7% 6-Math 81.5% 79.9% 7-ELA 70.6% 76.7% 7-Math 72.9% 82.2% 8-ELA 78.7% 76.4% 8-Math 83.9% 85.2%

Kings Park school administrators were not available for comment on Wednesday.

See the full state report for a school-by-school breakdown, and to see how other neighboring districts performed. The analysis from 2011 is also available.

Newsday reports Long Island schools outperformed the rest of the state

Incremental gains were seen statewide, according to the state education department. The latest report shows that students scored slightly higher this year in both the English and math exams, compared with last year, and that there was a small increase in the percentage of grades 3-8 students across the state who met or exceeded the proficiency standard on both exams.

However, state education officials seem to be setting sights on bigger gains. 

Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl H. Tisch said in a statement that "too many of our students, especially students of color, English Language Learners and special education students, are currently not on a course for college and career readiness. That’s why we are continuing to press forward with critical reforms to ensure all of our kids are ready for college and careers. In the fall we will begin to phase in a new, more challenging, content rich curriculum and continue to press for the implementation of a rigorous teacher evaluation system in every district across the state."

In looking at students in grades 3–8 across the state, the education department is reporting that 55.1 percent of students met or exceeded the English proficiency standard, up from 52.8 in 2011. In addition, 64.8 percent met or exceeded the standard in math, up from 63.3 percent last year.

GLENN September 01, 2012 at 12:26 AM
How many kids have private tutors? Fire all the teachers and bring in fresh new minds that aren't just about $$ and union benefits....We need to start over, new board new staff......


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