Kings Park Schools Reorganize Its Central Office to Tackle Common Core

New positions and titles designed to allow Cartisano to focus on what's happening in Kings Park classrooms.

Kings Park High School. (Patch file photo)
Kings Park High School. (Patch file photo)
Kings Park Board of Education approved a series of resolutions that will bring sweeping changes to the district's central administration in hopes of focusing more support behind implementing to Common Core. 

Kings Park Board of Education voted in favor of eliminate three existing positions in the district's central administration in favor of creating three new positions carrying different responsibilities and tasking, Times of Smithtown reports. 

At Tuesday's school board meeting, school trustees abolished the position of assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction and personnel which is currently held by Ralph Cartisano.

Cartisano will his work for the school district starting Jan. 15 in the newly created position as assistant superitnendent of curriculum and instruction. He will continue to receive the same salary, according to the board's resolution. 

"We looked for a model that would allow us to free up Dr. Cartisano from the personnel piece so he could spend his time focusing on what is happening in classrooms," Agruso said on Tuesday night, according to Times of Smithtown. 

The school board also abolish the two positions of: administrative positions of assistant superintendent for finance and administrative services formerly held by Dr. Philip Kenter, and the director of administrative services, held by Shannon Meehan. 

Meehan has been reappointed on probation into the newly created position of school business administrator starting Jan. 15. She will receive a salary of $125,000, according to the printed personnel changes, and will serve a three-year term through Jan. 14, 2017. 

The newly created position of assistant superintendent of personnel and administrative services, made to replace the title held by Kenter who resigned to work for another district, remains vacant as of Tuesday night. 

Read more on Times of Smithtown regarding changes in the Kings Park Central School District's administration. 
sally pruslow January 17, 2014 at 11:41 AM
Dr. Agrusso stated at the Oct.8,2013 meeting that "this will be done at no extra cost to the district". This was in reference to the reorganization of the district office. However, at Tuesday nights BOE meeting she elevated Ms. Meehan to the office of School Business Administrator and gave her a raise of 14,075. She received a 1.75% raise last June 25,2013. This raise she said was because the job is more demanding. Remember she said NO ADDITIONAL COSTS... She new it would be......We still need to hire an Assistant Superintendent for Personal and Administrative Services. The amount of salary that is left to pay this person is 126,730. This present market that will not fly!!! Maybe she ( superintendent) can say take it for the rest of the year and I will get you a raise in the 2014/15 budget....... We have not had a teacher's contract in three years!!! CSEA is going to need a new contract this coming year!!! She is giving herself and administrators raises....Why wouldn't the rest of the staff think they should also have raises???? Remember NO INCREASE.....Watch out, it is your tax dollars at work. Also will this new person need their own secretary???? When is this going to change. Every year she has balanced the budget on the backs of our children. She cuts teaching positions and increases class sizes. We need new leadership. We need a person who can be creative and lead this school district in a manner that will foster cooperation and trust, not intimidation and retaliation. Wake up Kings Park before it is too late. We are on the states list of school districts that are at risk for fiscal distress. This year there are 2 BOE seats are available. You need to choose new blood. We need a board that will pick a new Superintendent. Not renew the present Superintendents contract..... Which by the way is up June 2015. We need a fiscally responsible leader. A leader who will remember the importance of reasonable class size and how it effects are children's learning.
TURK 182 January 18, 2014 at 05:23 PM
But it's not only the teachers that lose positions every year. The custodians get cut every time someone retires or she needs to trim the budget. It's a skeleton crew that maintain the buildings and it shows. The maintenance and grounds crews are no better. How do you maintain all the grounds with only 3 guys? Has anyone seen the condition of the fields? It is all Dr. Agrusso doing. The district is in worse shape then anyone knows unless you work there. But then again you can't speak without being bullied by the big cheese and her associates!!
sally pruslow January 18, 2014 at 06:16 PM
You are right. They are working with very few people. I know this as a past board member I always complemented them on their tireless work, and how great are grounds and buildings were in comparison to other districts. These employees have always taken great pride in the condition of the grounds and the buildings. As I have said before this district is suffering!!!! Wakeup Kings Park!!!!!!


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