Kings Park Schools Receive $9K for New Electronic Signs

Funding will be used to replace, possibly upgrade signs at William T. Roger Middle School and Kings Park High School.

Grant funding will be used to purchase a sign similar to this one for WTR Middle School and KP High School. File Photo
Grant funding will be used to purchase a sign similar to this one for WTR Middle School and KP High School. File Photo
Clarification: Patch first reported the $9,068 received by Kings Park School District was from grant funding, but it was received through the district's insurance. 

Kings Park school officials have a bit more cash to help restore and upgrade signs in front of two of the district's buildings. 

Superintendent Susan Agruso announced that Kings Park Central School District had received an additional $9,068 in insurance funds that will help pay for replacing the sign at William T. Rogers Middle School damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

"We are looking at various drawing and recommendations from different vendors. As soon as we get that information, we'll bring to the board some designs so you can select one," Agruso said. 

The funding will be used in combination with a 50,000 grant through state Sen. John Flanagan in May 2013. Board trustee Tom Locascio reached out to the Flanagan regarding the grant.

Agruso said the district is hoping to use the funding to upgrade the signs in front of  Kings Park High School and William T. Rogers Middle School to outdoor electronic displays. 

The final design of the sign will be selected by Kings Park Board of Education, then the project must go out for bids by potential contractors. 

"Our goal is to have them up by spring," Agruso said. 
Dr. Remulak December 05, 2013 at 08:22 AM
It would be nice if the article replaced "grant" with "your tax dollars" at least once. It reads as if Flanagan paid for it himself.
sally pruslow December 05, 2013 at 11:48 AM
Again this is a bullet grant. Money could be better spent on bringing inprograms to deal with the on going bulling in the dist. It is not just at the high school! Also, use the money to off set the cost of the common core!


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