Former Pool Store Lies Vacant [Empty in Commack]

Yellow building stands empty after Town of Smithtown issued a building permit for renovations in 2011.


A former pool store, chocolates and gift shop sits empty on a busy stretch of Jericho Turnpike in Commack. 

A one-story yellow building at 2092 Jericho Turnpike sits available for rent on the real estate market. Among a busy stretch of roadway that includes Friendly's Restaurant, The Spare Rib, Gasoline Heaven and the Mayfair Shopping Center, its empty roadside parking spots call attention to the building.

A faded road sign in front of the building reads "Bright Day Pool Supplies" and "Chocolates and Gift Shop." 

The Town of Smithtown's Building Department issued a permit on March 21, 2011 for renovations of 1,200 square feet for plumbing and electrical work within the commercial building. It has not been occupied since. 

A large spraypainted sign has been put up reading "info 516-314-1204." 

The building is within walking distance of the Jericho Turnpike and Harned Road intersection, where

Would you rent this store space in Commack? What type of business would you like to see here? 

* October 19, 2012 at 08:29 AM
Good morning, Ms. Sara Walsh. I understand that you have replaced Micah Danney, who now covers Nassau County. There is a sentiment made among readers that your stories only focused on blighted commercial properties while there are issues and other subject matters that are more pressing and also both relevant and potentially informative to the community at large. For example, the homes built by the Rosario Family Builders in the 1960s in Valmont Village. These homes were built with asbestos shingles and basement flooring. What was up to code in the 1960s are no longer up to code in 2012. The following questions needed to be explored: How do you remove asbestos shingles? How do you make these homes up to code in 2012? Can a deeded owner nail, drill or disturb these shingles? Do you need a TOS building permit for the removal of the shingles and the installation of new sidings? Do the NYS Labor and Health Department require the homeowner to hire an Environmental Contractor to remove them? Can the owner remove them himself and placed then out for garbage pick up? Will the NYS Labor & Health Department exempt the owner for violations? Who will get the violations for disturbing the shingles and flooring?
* October 19, 2012 at 08:30 AM
This would make an interesting article, wouldn't you agree? As it poses many questions to be answered for in Valmont Village and other Smithtown hamlets. Other topics that may be explored include how to address the dispute of property lines between homeowners; where is the proper placement for garbage pick up that will not be deemed as intrusion upon your neighbor's property? As I said before, it would be an asset for the community at large to have stories to are informative and useful.
* October 19, 2012 at 01:13 PM
One last TOS achievement of "action" I did not see reported on in Commack Patch. Is Parkway Drive North Public Safety and the TOS Highway Department with TOS Public Safety community concerns to listen to the "PEOPLE". A drive down Parkway Drive this morning you will discover another Updated News Article for yourself. The TOS Public Safety and TOS Department of Highway Sidewalk and Tree sweep for the community safety is in "action". Yes, with budget restraints and economical difficult times. Our Honrable Patrick Vecchio TOS Departments are "all" in action for the taxpayers. A letter from a local long time Parkway Drive North resident and a local Fisher Road community advocate concerns were heard on Parkway Drive North. Moreover, a local boy, Richard Perri, 8 years of age was killed in May 1969 on Parkway Drive North. A honorable resident Captain Donald Flore, 71 Parkway Drive North of the NYC Firefighters was at the scene on that horrffic community traffic horror. Richard Perri "was riding his bicycle near his 61 Parkway Drive North home when he was struck at 5:17 pm by a car driven by Peter Yetti, 20, of 196 Sterling St., Port Jefferson Station. Perri died in St. John's Hospital in Smithtown, at 6:07 PM." TOS is also presenting to the TOS Town Council a street naming after Richard Perri to help people remember to be more careful when they drive. We all hope so. "LIVE SAFE. LIVE TOS!"
Jessica October 19, 2012 at 07:04 PM
What's going on with Northport Ford?? Someone should put in a roller rink!!!
Sara Walsh October 21, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Hi Linana, There's been no news on Waldbaums on Vanderbilt Parkway, but we keep following up with the real estate agent for the property. We're promised there might be news in the near future. As soon as we know, we'll keep you up to date. - Sara Walsh, Commack Patch Editor.


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