Vecchio: Kings Park Businesses Should Buy Their Own Parking

Town board split on purchasing land for municipal parking after hearing price tag.

A screenshot from Google Streetview of the wooded lot the town board is split over possibly purchasing to create additional municipal parking in Kings Park.
A screenshot from Google Streetview of the wooded lot the town board is split over possibly purchasing to create additional municipal parking in Kings Park.
Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio has changed his mind on creating a new municipal parking lot off Kings Park's Main Street after hearing the potential price tag. 

Smithtown officials had the town attorney inquire into the price of a wooded lot on Pulaski Road, behind Park Bake Shop, for the purpose of creating more municipal parking for downtown Kings Park after their Nov. 21 work session.

The price of the project -  a hefty $279,000 for the land not including paving.

Vecchio, who initially voiced support for the project, announced his change of heart on Thursday. 

"It seems to me to spend that type of money to benefit two entities who have their own obligation, if they want to increase the patrons going into their business then its their responsibility to purchase the lot," he said. 

Vecchio said he felt the creation of parking on Pulaski Road would largely benefit Park Bake Shop and a diner across the road. 

"We do have 600 people how have indicated they would like to see a town public parking lot there in form of petitions," Creighton said, to a petition he received from residents in November. 

If the town were to purchase the wooded lot, Creighton had estimated the town would be able to create an additional 21-22 parking spaces. The town board briefly also discussed possibly making the lot metered parking to prevent all-day parking by store employees. 

"I do think that particular parking lot would not just service the two owners but a number of businesses that are up there and the people. We do have a lack of municipal parking," Creighton said. "It is an expense but it is something we should really consider. "

Creighton's comments echo the sentiments of Tony Tanzi, president of Kings Park Chamber of Commerce, about the proposed parking. 

"It’s like anything is better than what we have," Tanzi said to Patch in November. "There is at time parking issues on that end of town, there are some successful businesses that need the parking." 

However, Vecchio said the creation of additional town parking lot would be unfair to other taxplayers. 

" I don't want to pay for a parking lot for a business. I don't think I would support the people in Smithtown or St. James and Hauppauge paying for a parking lot in Kings Park," he said. 

No decision or actions was taken at the town board's Thursday morning work session. The issue will be further discussed at a future town board meetings. 

Homer Newton January 30, 2014 at 09:56 PM
They should demolish that place and put a planned parenthood there b/c those kids are doing the do way too much
knee jerk January 31, 2014 at 07:42 PM
Where would the parents doing the planning park?
Anne Kash January 31, 2014 at 08:47 PM
I think you all are out of hand...for some of us, this serious. For most you NIMBYS...you could care less...typical Kings Park
knee jerk February 01, 2014 at 08:06 AM
No Anne, this is not about NIMBYS, this is about the supervisor doing a Texas Two Step after the election and saying NIYBY (Not In Your Backyard). "Nothing Can Be Done"
pam king February 04, 2014 at 08:26 AM
Sorry but I am totally against this idea. The initial cost of $269000 is only the begining, how much will it be to clear and level that land,next the cost of paving, then the striping of the lines and the upkeep. Who is going to keep it clean, what about the insurance cost in case someone falls or the cost of snow removal. Will there be lights to insure safety especially in the winter when it gets dark early. Who does the enforcement if we put up signs for 1 hour parking. Don't forget cost of signage It sure sounds like much money spent for bakery and restaurant parking or probably for employee parking because there is no one to enforce the town laws all the time. Its time for the business' that would benefit to buy it not the taxpayers!


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