Town to Open Crab Meadow Beach Observation Deck

Recently rebuilt structure may be re-opened as soon as Memorial Day weekend.

-goers will now have an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view across Long Island Sound this summer on the newly reopened observation deck of the pavilion archway, according to town officials.

The original 1937 pavilion archway was demolished and rebuilt in 2009 after it was found to be structurally unsound and may be reopened as soon as Memorial Day weekend. Don't expect table service from neighboring , however, as tables and umbrellas will not be allowed for safety reasons and the town is still deliberating over whether to allow food at all.

La Casa Cafe is next on the line for a major makeover. Customers will be greeted with an entirely new design and updated interior when the iconic restaurant opens next season. Read about the details of La Casa's renovation plan .

Kathleen Uhl May 24, 2012 at 12:57 PM
How wonderful! I'm thrilled the town has decided to open the overlook. Crab Meadow is my favorite summer spot & I look forward to spending many a day & night there! It would only be even more spectacular if they did allow some tables & La Casa to serve up there. What an amazing spot to spend a warm summer evening! It reminds me of the good ole days that my parents had enjoyed & reminisce about when life was simple & people went to the beach for their mini-vacations every weekend instead of keeping up with the Jones's & paying astronomical prices for "island vacations" - we have our very own Island right here!! Do I hear some acapella doo-wop groups or guitar trios singing on that overlook?


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