Town Board to Weigh Legal Action Against Kings Park Biz

Town board members will vote on enforcement action, public hearing on Commack zoning change on Thursday night.

Smithtown officials will vote Thursday night on whether to take legal action to prevent a Kings Park pre-cast concrete business from operating after denying an application to legalize its  business. 

Town Board is scheduled to vote on bringing KPE II of Kings Park to New York State Supreme Court to restrain it and other related businesses from carrying out industrial business practices against the town code. The Town Board meeting is 7 p.m Thursday at the Eugene Cannataro Senior Citizen Center 

Smithtown's Board of Zoning Appeals denied KPE II's application for a certificate of existing use to legalize 13 industrial uses on Feb. 12. Some of the industrialpractices it sought to legalize include: pre-cast concrete and cesspool fabrication, concrete manufacturing, concrete aggregate processing, concrete recycling and rock crushing. 

Members of the Old Northport Road Lawrence Road Task Force are fearful Councilman Bob Creighton's campaign donations from Farrell Fritz, the law firm representing KPE II, may influence Thursday night's vote. Creighton said he plans to abstain. 

Town Board will also host a public hearing on a change of zoning for Tim Yin, owner property on the southeast corner of Jericho Turnpike and Walter Court from residential to Neighborhood Business. 

Click here to read the full agenda on the Town of Smithtown's website.

ChudleyQ March 01, 2013 at 01:51 PM
I watched the Board meeting last night, and I was horrified. How on earth does Councilman Creighton think he had no conflict with regard to KPE? For two years, Farrell Fritz represented KPE, and he knew that. He also knew that his son was a partner at Farrell Fritz. Worse than that though, he took campaign contributions from Farrell Fritz. How can you expect to look neutral when you're on the payroll of a party arguing a matter before you? Here's a newsflash for Councilman Creighton: The Town's Code of Ethics is there for YOUR protection as much as it is for the Town's protection. This way you don't look like a lying weasel (which you did yesterday) in front of the whole town. By all appearances and by lots of testimony from people I know and respect, Mr. Creighton is a nice man, and well meaning. But wow, is he wrong on this. If he doesn't change his "I didn't do anything wrong tune", and apologize to the people of the town, somebody should remind him that there is a procedure in the Town Code for him to be called before the Town Board of Ethics on this. That wouldn't look very good for a guy running for Town Supervisor.
timeiseverything March 01, 2013 at 02:11 PM
I heard the wildest party of the meeting was when Vecchio finished the written agenda and then mumbled incoherently about something he wanted done and asked for a vote. The people I know who were there said the town lawyer jumped up , everyone was looking at Vecchio like he was nuts and he just babbled on. Talk about a WEASEL!!!! If you are going to call Mr. Creighton to Town Board of Ethics let;s call Vecchio too who has been receiving moneys from KP Asphalt, Jadco, Leteri and the attorney who spoke last night for 30 YEARS!!! Creighton disclosed his son's contributions but until Vecchio made it a story by calling his closest friend Dave Ambro of the Smithtown News none of the people complaining took the time to look at it. He has said he did not view it as a conflict so for him it wasn't. It is for the weasel Vecchio and the fools who are being manipulated by him.
timeiseverything March 01, 2013 at 02:19 PM
You were there right? Is it true Mr. Creighton abstained and said he would have voted against his son's firm if this issue was not brought to the media by Vecchio. I must have misunderstood what actually happened there . Did Creighton vote in favor of his son's law firms attorney? Beginning to think you might BE Vecchio bc this issue seemed like it was cleared up last night.
ChudleyQ March 01, 2013 at 02:30 PM
If you've got evidence of what Vecchio did, then by all means, take him to the Board of Ethics. Take Creighton too, since he was also on the Farrell Fritz payroll, and didn't disclose it. Maybe then we can clear all of them out, and start fresh.
timeiseverything March 01, 2013 at 02:39 PM
Were you there last night? You didn't answer the question. Did Creightn abstain but say he would have voted against his son? Vecchio's weasel behavior was apparently there for all to see. I am waiting to see tv tape but from what I hear the evidence was in is actions. There was a printed agenda as is required by law and then after all was said and done Vecchio started reading from a paper which no one seemed to have including the other Board members. Did the town lawyer jump up and read over his shoulder? Think Creighton and Wehrheim voted no on it but I will have to find out. That is illegal. If you were there you had to see it, maybe you didn't understand it bc Vecchio always sounds like a mumbling dope (which i think is intentional) Let 's wait for the video
ChudleyQ March 01, 2013 at 02:50 PM
I watched live on line. I saw that Vecchio mumbled, but he always mumbles. I just chalked what you talked about up to confusion, and didn't think it was that big a deal. I got the impression he was reading from the wrong piece of paper. Procedural stuff happens, not a big deal. They followed the agenda, including moving money among accounts (probably to pay for OT on the snow removal), zoning stuff and the all important street signs. I may have missed some of what was going on there. But I think you miss the point on the whole Creighton/KPE thing. At the point that it came to the vote, the least he should have done was abstain. What he should have done earlier, was recuse himself at the earliest point of taking Farrell Fritz money, them representing KPE, or KPE coming before the Town Council. But he didn't. Saying he would have voted against his son was gratuitous, and didn't help his case at all. If anything, it made it worse, because clearly he equated KPE with his son's interests. Bottom line, that's why Conflict of Interest provisions exist. I'll have to rewatch it again, when it's on Channel 18.
timeiseverything March 01, 2013 at 03:00 PM
Me too. I didn't realize you could watch on line. How do you do that? We disagree with the Creighton thing I'll give you that. And I will give you that I dislike Vecchio bc he has personally hurt my business over the years BUT this want a procedural problem at all This is what you refer to as being a WEASEL. I think he was introducing a new item without it being printed or giving it to the town attorney or the other board members and then calling for a vote. I'll have to watch the video myself to see what he did. I like Creighton . He is honest and well-intended. Can't say the same for Vecchio.
mary wellbourne March 01, 2013 at 03:09 PM
There are to many what if's in your argument. What if the issue didn't become public would have Creighton be above aboard and abstained ? I doubt it because he never gave a clue about his conflict of interest when he spoke to us at town board meetings on the subject. I also think you are right about Vecchio. i do not understand why these small time politicians need contributions.Can't we get a young vibrant resident to be our supervisor who will care about the people rather than the almighty dollar.


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