Smithtown Sheraton Asks for Parking, Size Variance

Smithtown Zoning Board of Appeals will meet 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The hotel will go before Town of Smithtown's Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday night to request parking and area size variances. 

The Town of Smithtown's Zoning Board of Appeals will meet 7 p.m. Tuesday night at the Eugene A. Cannataro Senior Citizen Center in Smithtown. The board will hear a number of residential issues and commercial requests from the Smithtown Sheraton. 

The owners of the Smithtown Sheraton is in the process of building designed to be a hotel for businesspeople looking for a room to stay overnight at a lower price. 

Click on the attacked PDF of the Board of Zoning Appeals' agenda to see a full list of all the zoning appeals and variances requested. 


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