Poll Workers: Turnout is Steady

Polling coordinators expect rush as evening commuter trains come in.

Voter turnout has been steady throughout Tuesday at Kings Park High School according to polling coordinator Carol Fuori.

“It's Been really steady. Other years turnout has been next to nothing,” said Fuori.

Richard Macellaro, Correspondence Secretary for the Suffolk County Democrats, wanted to remind people to come out and vote.

“Turnout is low. People need to come out and vote,” said Macellaro. “I would expect to see an uptick in the next few hours,” he said.

According to Fuori, who has been a coordinator for twelve years, the rush would begin sometime around 6 p.m.

“That is when the trains from the city start coming in. They stop off to vote before they go home,” she said.

 Voters that were spoken to said they came out to support their candidate and because it is their civic duty.

“I want the people I like to be re-elected,” said Diane of Kings Park.

Others say they come out year after year.

“I always vote,” said one resident. “I vote for who I like. I try to vote for the best people. It doesn’t matter what party they are with,” he said.

Who did you vote for?

Polls will be open until 9 p.m. To find out where to vote, click here.

Stick with Patch throughout the evening for updates on local elections, follow us on Twitter @KingsParkPatch and on Facebook.


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