Officials Look to Unclog Sewer Standstill

Legis. John Kennedy to sit down with Empire State Development director to improve application for funding to build sewers in Town of Smithtown.

While elected officials are various levels of government agree that a lack of sewers in Smithtown has been an ongoing battle for businesses, they say things are happening behind the scenes to fix the problem.

For example, a $70-million project is currently underway in Hauppauge Industrial Park  nearly doubling its peak capacity to 1.65 million gallons.

The project was backed by Suffolk County Legis. John Kennedy, R-Nesconset, who said one of the things his office is looking to tackle in 2012 is a more successfully pursue funding to install a sewer system within the Town of Smithtown.

"Within 18 months, it will double the number of buildings attached to the sewer treatment plant. That allows for expansion and a great density," Kennedy said.

But while it is expected to bring hundreds of businesses online, officials say it's still not enough.

Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio told Patch the lack of a sewer system is  since it prevents growth or expansion of restaurants, bars, offices and other businesses.

Kennedy said his office in 2011 submitted an application to the Empire State Development Corp. for funds to sewer Smithtown's Main Street and was rejected. He has a meeting with Andrea Lohneiss, Long Island regional director for the ESD on Feb. 8 to find out why.

"[Andrea is] going to critique our application, beef it up, augment it and get it into a better form so we do get accepted this year and get funding," Kennedy said.

The legislator suspects one of the problems may have been that his office only had three weeks to prepare the application in 2011. He hopes by calling next Wednesday's meeting that officials can get a jump on the 2012 process, even if a due date has yet to be announced.

One step being taken in assuring the future possiblity of sewers in Smithtown is the acquisition of necessary resources. Kennedy said he's hoping to reach an agreement with St. Johnland Nursing Center in Kings Park to purchase several acres from them to transform into the necessary leeching fields.

"If we can do that, we will have all the physical pieces in place. Then we need the funding from Albany," Kennedy said.

KPLifer February 03, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Have you been to Kings Park? Several new good resturants have opned in the last year, and another in a few weeks. There uses to be two coffee shops, one is now Ralphs Ices and the other is a restaurant. Sewers do not create customers. Good business and products do.
Frank Mercuri February 03, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Anonymous get your facts straight. ! there is only one muninciple parking lot in KP. One is for the LIRR. The others are private. Combined they could not have thousands of cars park there. We do have a parking problem. The businesses on mainstreet do suffer. I recall when it was a pleasure to shop for clothing at the Patiki Department store and shop Bohack and Blue Jay. The shopprs are not lazy and the mall has stores not in KP or Smithtown. Many moved out when the mall opened such as JCPenny which I shopped at in Smithtown. TJ Max was a Grants Dept Store that went out of business. And yes handicappers and seniors need close parking. From the parking lot locations especially the municipal lots one needs to wait when the light changes and go if your lucky to get across before you get hit by a car not obeying state laws regarding stopping for pedestrians. I do not shop the mall if possible. I cannot recall the last time I did. On busy days it's a nightmare. Do you have a problem with the needs of seniors and handicapped individuals?
KPLifer February 03, 2012 at 08:13 PM
I dont recall mentioning seniors.....90% of the folks that use the blue spots do not need them? When did old become handicapp?
Frank Mercuri February 03, 2012 at 09:04 PM
You mentioned "a lazy problem". Seniors and the handicapped are shopper. As to the blue spots, do you have factual evidence that 90percent of the folks that use the spots do not need them? What's your point? The issue is that customers are needed to shop and the infastructure must be there to accomodate shoppers. Apparently you have not looked at main street lately with empty store fronts. Sewers come when the need arises. Right now the need is get shoppers and places for them to park in the "thousands of spaces" not available to them. There are many who are old that are handicapped. Walking is one. There are many who are young that are handicapped. Using crutches is one. Spots close by are needed to assit these shoppers handicapped or not. If you are not a senior, well when the time comes you will know what your capabilities will be.
Vincent Califano February 04, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Forget about the sewers. Whose bright idea was it to allow 15 min parking on main st in KP. How the hell are you do suppose to shop or go to any of the reteraunts when you can only park for 15 min. That's a really good way to atract people to come to KP NOT!!!!


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