Dredging Completed at Nissequogue River State Park

No more work will be done this year, official says.

The Nissequogue River State Park dredging project was finished successfully last week, according to Long Island's Regional Director of State Parks, Ron Foley, who said the project's aims were accomplished in making the channel through the south marina area more navigable.

"The marina will operate as normal in the coming year," he said. "The area should have a deeper channel to be more useable at high or low tide."

Before the work, boats had been making contact with the river bottom at low tide, Foley said in October.

He said his agency received one complaint about noise as crews worked “long hours” to remove silt from the south marina channel and move it to an area further south. Foley said the complainant was satisfied with an explanation of the work.

While plans exist for realigning the way the marina is set up, as well as other “general improvements” of the current facilities, Foley said no further work will be done for at least a year.

“We only have plans, no money yet. I have no idea when that will happen,” he said. Much depends on what money is allocated through the state budgeting process. Once the funding is there, the next phase will be determined according to the parks department’s priorities.

Foley estimated the marina’s modernization to be of “medium priority,” with health and safety issues taking precedence.

Joel Blitzer January 19, 2012 at 09:32 PM
The KPSC has a long term permit to use Tiffany Field. The club has invested 100's of thousands of dollars and endless volunteer hours over the past 30 yrs. The field cost the taxpayers nothing as it is 100% maintained by the soccer club. This is a perfect of example of a public/private partnership.
Dee Bo January 21, 2012 at 12:53 AM
First off, I would like to address George,Nibbler,Doris,and Joel Blitzer. George, I agree! The taxpayers should not have to pay for me to use my boat. I would enjoy the opportunity to work as Mr Blitzer writes in a "public / private partnership" with the state to allow the boaters to form a non profit boaters association that would improve and maintain the marina in a safe manner that would not cost taxpayers a cent. Words like "squatters" and select few ,only fuel the fire of disdain and contempt and rarely contribute to a solution, so Doris, please keep the hate to yourself. As for Nibbler, I like your objectivity. So much needs to be done to preserve that beautiful park, and to restore the now neglected marina back to its earlier splendor. I will say this , since the state of New York has taken control of this marina, it has done little to improve, I would also say that this dredge project as it was carried out , was a waste of time and money , with no real usefulness. Also without a master plan for the entire park/marina, the state will just continue to haphazzardly waste money without any improvements .
Nissequogue Nut January 21, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Doris, get your facts straight. The Kings Park Yacht Club was and still is a not-for-profit group. Look it up. As a 3rd generation member, I can assure you that nobody made a penny on those marinas. I can tell you that the opposite is true. The boaters took a piece of property that was going to waste and put millions (over decades) of their own money into maintaining it. The club was and still is open to all U.S. citizens. They were actively searching for new members for several years before being thrown out. Here's some more real data for you... Since the state has taken over the marina there has not been one single improvement to the site. It looks worse now than it ever did under public control. We have the shortest boating season in all of NYS! It's true! There are marinas in Alaska with longer seasons. They have a plan to rebuild the marina and decrease the amount of slips by 20. They are installing a fuel dock which NOBODY wants! There have been fires and fuel thieves on the docks since there is no longer any night security. They are not installing a pump-out station (which we so badly need). We have a full-time dock master and a full-time marina manager on the state payroll who have no knowledge of boats or marina management. They are clueless! The boaters should pay for all expenses of the marina! But wait, that's how it was for over 50 years. Now we are all paying for it, big time! Are you happy to pay the salary for the dock master? I'm not.
KpNibbler January 21, 2012 at 02:21 AM
Joel you are 1000% right. I know I may have sounded harsh in speaking of the KPSC, but I do think it is great that park is being up kept and used.We all can agree that NY is broke, and arrangements like this really works for those that use the park and the KP tax payers.My point being that this is along the same lines as the arrangement the KPYC had with the State before they turned it around and started called them squatters and telling the community they were stealing power and stuff.I as a community member would speak out if the state came in one day and said to KPSC " Thanks, we got it from here." Because we all know that park would become useless within a year.The same can be said for the marina.The state has wasted so much money already..Has anyone questioned why they are replacing docks that are almost brand new? The state could careless about our town, our waterfront or our marina.All they want is more money.wouldn't it be great if a non for profit was in charge of that marina,collecting donations, working with the local civic association, local wildlife preservation societies, and the community as a whole to make something that can be enjoyed and maintained properly.Not by people we think of as yacht owners, but local boaters,which KP has a lot of.We need to protect our resources and land.While the former hospital may be state property, who in Albany is affected by its development.We need to come together as a community and take back what rightfully belongs to KP.
KpNibbler January 21, 2012 at 03:53 AM
Thanks Dee Bo.Personally I don't fault fellow members of our community that have only known one part of the story.There is so much misinformation and spin on this issue. I can't say that I didn't, at one time, hold similar views. I'm still pretty new to boating, I used to think of boat owners as a bunch of stuck up people sipping expensive wine laughing at the struggles of the little guy.Thankfully I have friends that showed me the true joy and encouraged me to get involved .Now i see local families,neighbors,and friends enjoying something unique about our hamlet.I would invite anyone who wants to know what local boating is about to come on out right into Smithtown Bay on a warm summer afternoon and watch a sunset,or see the joy in a kid's face as they jump into the water enjoying a family moment.I think most boaters are more concerned about safety and protecting our river and it's beauty so they can continue to enjoy it and are willing to pay the costs.Having seen the other marinas on the North Shore, I really see how much the state has bungled the operation of ours.And this isn't just about people who own boats, but also the Canoe and kayak owners..I would love to see them have a proper launch and safety markers.With an NFPO,they could join up and get their needs and concerns met as well.I think with an issues like this and similar ones we need to band together as a community and protect ourselves from sticky fingered politicians who see us and our town as cash cows.


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