Kings Park Fire Department Reminds Residents to Dig Out Fire Hydrants

Heavy snow has blanketed fire hydrants.

The Kings Park Fire Department is urging residents as they dig out to also dig out any fire hydrants in your area.

A bulletin on the KPFD reminds residents to avoid piling snow on or around fire hydrants. If possible, take a few extra minute to 'adopt' your nearest fire hydrant by clearing the snow around it. This improves a fire fighter's ability to quickly locate and access the hydrant in an emergency.

An accessible and properly functioning fire hydrant is a vital part of any firefighting operation.

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Peggy Gilmartin February 10, 2013 at 05:29 PM
I always dig out the fire hydrant across the street from me, however, I was unable to locate it as the plows have not been around to clear the area to find it. I wish they would put the extension rods on all hydrants so when there is an emergency the firemen can locate it quickly!
Sam February 10, 2013 at 09:44 PM
We all ways dig out the hydrant...then the plows come and cover it in, so we dig it out and they plow it under again. Heck 2 years back the town snow plows hit 6 hydrants and kept on going. I had just got home at around 2am when the plow guy was picking up the pieces off my front lawn. He said that had reported it......then 2 days later the water department was out there filling out a form and said that NO one had reported it and this was the 6th one he found gone just by driving around. It was kind of amusing the night it happen---accidents happen. But the guy never reported it..so 2 things where terribly wrong with it---1st there as NO fire hydrants for the 3 or more blocks around my home for all most a week and no one know about this for a few days....and 2nd assuming it was the same driver who hit most of the hydrants, was allowed to continue to drive what, 40,000 pound snow plow around after causing thousands and thousands of dollars in damage . Good thing the town implemented a mandatory drug testing last year. I notice in other towns the hydrants have a tall metal flag attached to them so they don't get plowed in....I wonder why kp doesn't have them.


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