What Advice Do You Have For New High School Graduates?

Share your advice for Kings Park's Class of 2012.

There will be no shortage of advice for Kings Park's Class of 2012, no doubt coming from all directions: parents, siblings, friends.

But what about you, the members of the community? Maybe your kids are older, perhaps with children of their own. Maybe you're a recent high school graduate who knows how it feels to live life after high school. Maybe you have some life lessons to share based on your experiences.

So today we ask: What advice do you have for the new high school graduates?

CAB June 24, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Always work. Even though your college education will take up alot of your time, and attention, hold down a job on your breaks, and if you can on campus. Volunteer in something you love, and is related to your major. These are invaluable tools when looking for a full-time job after college graduation, it can give you the edge in this slow job market, and economy. Not only that, you'll be able to contribute to your education cost and/or have pocket money. Good Luck all and Congratulations!


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