Psych Center Dangers- How Do We Explain Them To Our Youth?

The grounds, tempting and dangerous, pose a risk to our youth, how do you address it?

The lure of the abandoned psychiatric hospital buildings has tempted youth for years, drawing them not just from Kings Park, but well past its borders.

in the asbestos laced buildings had our comment board lighting up.

Some have called it a right of passage, but the continued deterioration of the buildings has further exacerbated the dangers of the structures, so much so, park police say they do not enter the buildings unless absolutely necessary.

 It is not just the unsafe building conditions that have people talking. have unnerved some who walk the paved hike and bike trail.

Do you warn your kids about the dangers of the property?

Tom Gillen March 22, 2012 at 08:16 PM
When you turn off of main street onto kings park blvd, there are 2 buildings that you come to - one on the left side of the road and one on the right. Any idea what these buildings are used for? They look like houses. Only reason I'm curious is because I turned down that road off of main street over the weekend to go to the park and there were a bunch of seedy looking people sitting on lawn chairs in front of the "house" on the right. Just curious
new guy March 22, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Tom, they are half way houses. Those two aren't so bad. Drive down towards the psych center fire house. Make a right turn before the fire house. Those buildings there are very occupied, I'm not sure the level of mental stability the people living in those houses is. A few years back the state tried sneaking a acces road from larwemce road into the psych center. The curb cut is right across from San remo school.
KP LIslander March 22, 2012 at 11:13 PM
I don't disagree with you either-I understand what the town can & can't realistically do & I'm really not trying to blame the town persay. But the town could still do more frequent street sweeping like they used to, as well as picking up trash that accumulates along the west side of Lawrence Road. It's just a very frustrating situation, that as a taxpayer who pays taxes like everyone else, that other taxpayers don't have to be dealing with this nonsense & yet I do, & I seemingly have no recourse to effectively get this ongoing matter properly addressed & resolved. And nobody sees anything wrong with that. I'm sure this would be addressed more effectively if Vecchio was living where I live. All that I always hear from anyone is acknowledgement of the fact that it's a problem & that's it -without anyone in any level of gov't or law enforcement actually DOING something to rectify it. Believe me- I do get plate numbers and have called the police numerous times over many years. They don't do anything since the cars are parked legally unless there is of course an expired registration or inspection. For whatever the reason, they don't or apparently can't sit for an unknown amount of time waiting to catch them exit in order to issue trespassing summons. Nor do I see any type of stepped up level of police presence, at least not on a regular basis as it should be done. And yet it I see them parked more regularly at the KP firehouse, behind the Temple or Parks Dept. Go figure.
eileen March 24, 2012 at 05:11 PM
maybe if kids had something else to do - ie. skatepark, soda shop, teen center. there is nowhere they are welcome as evidenced above and so they try to find places that are 'adult free', and as far as the drug issue - get real, if they want to do drugs they dont need to find an abandoned psych center to do it. spend time with your kids, find ideas and places that they want to go to, and for goodness sake, remember what it was like to be a teenager.
KP Student March 24, 2012 at 07:26 PM
There are many reasons why people my age hang out at KPPC. 1-It is an amazing place for photography in all seasons. Those are the people that don't usually go inside the buildings, mainly just around. 2- Many find it a cool place to just explore, maybe for the ghost factor or just because they are cool old buildings. The kids from other towns get the idea from friends or have seen KPPC listed on the scariest places websites and such. 3- There are the people who go there for drugs, vandalism and other not so great activities. <Those are not the only reasons to go there! It is always the assumption that they are! I personally have never been and have no desire to go. However, I know making a teen center would not diminish the intrest whatsoever. It'll still be a scary/cool/fun/easy/whatever place to go. And something that has really been bothering me throughout thse articles and comments--Not everyone that explores KPPC is a reckless bad seed! They are MY friends, MY peers, and are NOT the stereotypical druggies that many adults think they are. True, there are the people who go there for drugs, or the people who are littering and disruptive. But please don't lump all of us teenagers together. I'm unsure of the exact legalities of exploring KPPC, but I do know that not everyone leaves trash everywhere, vandalizes, and does drugs.Just because we are teenagers does not make us all the same. KPPC is dangerous I agree, but as long as the buildings are there it will be a place to go.


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