Mix Up Your Lunch Options and Try Some Thai

Plum Crazy offers more than just the same old same old for lunch.

If you are hungry for a hearty lunch or stumped on what to pick up for dinner, the Plum Crazy Kitchen may provide you with an easy answer. This gourmet deli has a wide range of take out or eat in foods. Daily specials include roasted chicken with sides, pastas, pizza and on the day Patch visited, Thai food. Instead of sticking to the same old lunch stand bys; we decided to try some Thai.

The Dish:  Thai Chicken and Rice lunch special. ($6.99 per lb.)

What's In the Dish? Strips of tender chicken marinated in a spicy Thai sauce mixed with diced eggplant over rice.

How's It Taste?: The dish packs a wallop of flavor and a spicy kick. The chicken is tender and flavorful with hints of coconut milk and then a smack of heat. The sauce is creamy and hot.The eggplant is mild and a great compliment to the spiciness of the chicken and sauce. The two are melded together and served over a bed of white, fluffy rice.

Sides: You can go plum crazy with sides here, the choices are numerous, but with a dish like this you have more than you need. The portion we had that day could easily feed two or provide some tasty leftovers for late night snacking. If we haven’t persuaded you and you want to add on, choose from an array of cakes and sweets to counteract the hot and spicy you just had. You can have a slice of cake, a cookie or some ice cream to top off your meal with prices ranging from $2-$4.


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