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Community Members Say Nay to 180 School Days

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With the jury is still out on whether students will have to make up days lost during Hurricane Sandy, school administrators have asked parents to hold off making spring and summer vacation plans just in case the lost days will have to be made up.

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According to the state education department, school districts must meet a 180-day requirement in order to be eligible for state funding and a state of emergency declaration by the governor does not automatically mean school districts can hold fewer than 180 school days.

The days, the education department said, can only be excused by a legislative action and a bill to that end has been filed in the state legislature; however, it is unclear if legislators will approve it.

In the meantime, parents and community members are saying they think the days should be excused.

Here is what a few had to say when Westhampton-Hampton Bays asked on Facebook, if the lost days should be made up.

Jennifer Bigora wrote, "Not really. By that time, kids aren't paying attention anyway. Lets see how many snow days they have!"

Stacey Kuyava Reister said, "No. It was a state of emergency. Safety first."

Kerrie Hegel Ferrara wrote, "A few districts have already canceled the February break

Donna Marie Busch Baez added, "I say they shouldn't have to make it up because it was an act of God. No ones fault."

Michelle LaWall Vargas wrote, "When the same thing happened in FL in 2005, our kids were off for almost 3 wks. No make up - too hard to finagle I think."

Arlene Downs Eckles said, "I don't think so either..Act of God

Madre Orion wrote, "FL gave kids a pardon when they were off for 3 and a 1/2 weeks."

Amy L Salle said, "NO!!! Natural disaster! Absolutely not!!!!!"

Linda Loeser said, "NO NO NO.. And teachers either. A lot of people who made plans for spring break are going to get screwed, for something beyond our control, they want us to use our sick days. I don't think it fair. The governor should give us a break."

Keep the conversation going and add our thoughts in the comment section below. 

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Erica Jackson November 16, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Dawn Betke said via Facebook, "Other districts are discussing taking Feb. break away instead." And Eileen Nichols wrote, "R u kidding?? Most family made vacation plans a year in advance..give me a break!"


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