Tips For Making Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store a Healthy One

Making poor food choices these days is all too easy for most people… learn how to navigate the supermarket for better health and natural weight loss.


Making poor food choices these days is all too easy for most people… the food markets and grocery stores are lined with aisle upon aisle of delicious (sugar-packed) processed foods which tempt you at every turn. Sadly processed foods are very unhealthy for you and your body.

If you want to eat more healthfully and lose weight naturally, consider giving your grocery shopping list a face-lift and start choosing the most nutrition rich items at the store. Knowing what is healthy and what isn’t is very confusing. I’ve put together a list of my favorite way to shop for booty kicking natural weight loss.


  • Avoid (bad) carbohydrates - White flour, white rice, corn, white potatoes, chips, cake, cookies and most sweeteners are Insulin Triggers that can cause your body to store all the calories you eat as fat!  Look for spouted breads and low carb pastas ( such as Dreamfields or Atkins) to help avoid the insulin rush, or better yet begin to limit the frequency or cut out eating starchy foods altogether.
  • Nix purchasing bagged or boxed food items - If the food comes in a bag or a box, it’s processed food. Processed foods contain chemicals, artificial ingredients and preservatives that will add to your body’s toxic load and make you unhealthy.
  • Stick to the perimeter of the store – The healthiest foods; fresh produce, meats, fish and dairy are located in the outer aisles of the store, while the interior of the store is stocked with the fake, processed foods that will add to both your toxic load, your waist line and your hips.
  • Read the labels – If one of the foods you’re considering purchasing has an ingredient that is long and unpronounceable, put it down. If you can’t read it and say it, you probably shouldn’t eat it! In addition, steer away from foods that have sugar as one of its main ingredients (on the first two lines of the ingredient list).
  • Look for clean, organic foods - By choosing organic produce, grass-fed beef and lamb, organic chicken, wild-caught seafood and natural pork you will limit your exposure to toxins. If buying organic is difficult for your budget, check the weekly circular for sales. More and more stores are offering organic foods on sale.
  • Choose the best beverages - Filtered water is the best and healthiest drink, but decaffeinated and herbal teas or Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees are also good choices. Avoid sodas, whether regular or diet… regular soda is loaded with sugar and will trigger an insulin surge, and diet sodas are full of chemicals and toxins you want to avoid. If you’re a soda addict, the only soda I recommend you drinking is Zevia brand natural soda because it’s sweetened with Stevia (an herb) and does not spike your blood sugar.


Shifting your mindset about food, adapting to healthy eating habits and knowing how to shop for healthy, wholesome food is the key to your success. Once you learn how to navigate the tricky terrain of the grocery store, natural weight loss will be a cinch.

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