May The Farce Be With You, a Pun-y Comedy

My thoughts on this year's fall drama. The cast and crew get a big thumbs up from me!

Kings Park High School's drama department presented "May the Farce Be With You" as written by David Rogers, from Thursday December 8th-Saturday December 10th. The cast included a talented mix of seniors and underclassmen who made the best of a "pun-y" situation. If you were unable to make it to one of the performances, my less than hilarious pun was made in reference to the script. Most would agree that the jokes warranted more smiles than belly laughs. For example a superhero named Electrowoman says she needs to "recharge" and her peer Tapeman declares that they are in a "sticky situation" at one point. Even the characters' names are puns. The cast did an incredible job transforming a somewhat cheesy script into an enjoyable show for all.

The play involved a conflict between good and evil, in other words, superheroes and intergalactic villains. A band of heroes, collectively referred to as the E.I.E.I.O (short for Elite Idealistic Earth Individuals Organization) are scheduled to hold their annual conference at O' MacDonald's Health Spa when the kitchen staff disappears without a trace. The housekeeper (known as Ms. Broom) contacts a sketchy twenty four hour employment agency and brings in replacements who resemble space creatures more than professional chefs.

Unbeknownst to the farm's owner Ms. McDonald, Ms. Broom is really the villainess Deprava, sent from the planet Inferna to aid her beloved Star Raider in bringing down the E.I.E.I.O. Star Raider has concocted a devious plan that will rob the E.I.E.I.O. of their superpowers. Because the heroes utilize cover identities, they must change clothes in order to assume their powers. Take for example, the buff hero Gadzooks, played by Jason Harbison. He travels to the spa as a small female child (played by Olivia Reichert). It is quite humorous when Gadzooks walks off stage as a girl and returns as a tall man. I certainly didn't see that coming!

Star Raider and his minions have prepared a creamed chicken that will prevent them from changing clothes, effectively trapping the group in their ordinary, weak, bodies. While posing as the temporary head chef, Star Raider is able to serve the chicken to all but two staff members, the male and female athletic directors. This proves to be a huge mistake. Brawny Byron Ceps and Vera Strong are actually Superbrain and Wizard Woman, two heroes revered for their mental strength but excluded from the E.I.E.I.O because of their less than impressive physical abilities. Neither Vera or Byron is aware of the other's identity, and spend the majority of the play hating each other's cover personalities while working together to save the E.I.E.I.O as Superbrain and Wizard Woman. When the pair are eventually captured they use their collective intelligence to determine that if the heroes were transformed into normal people, the ordinary employees must have been transformed into heroes!

The three maids Sparkle, Gleama and Brilla, change into The SuperMaids and with a little creativity, they manage to serve tapioca pudding (the antidote to the creamed chicken) to the E.I.E.I.O and free them from captivity. Laughs ensue when the heroes, villains and super maids are pitted against each other in an epic battle. The cast added their own personal touches to this scene, as the stage director is "shot and killed" by a poorly aimed laser beam.

Eleftherios Mastronikolas and Zach Williams shine as Star Raider and Superbrain, and in the end Star Raider is bested by the good guys. The play ends with a tender moment between Superbrain and Wizard Woman, in which they learn that Vera and Byron are mere cover personas. While Superbrain and Wizard Woman had fallen in love, Vera hated Byron because he appeared to be a dumb jock. Byron was just trying to keep his double life a secret, and pretended to be ignorant and obsessed with exercise to throw Vera off his trail. Byron believed that Wizard Woman was a much older woman and that the age gap would prevent them from being a couple. Luckily for Byron, Wizard Woman was really the youthful Vera, so the pair could be together after all.

While I was very impressed by the entire cast, I thought Jenna Caretsky (Ms. Broom/Deprava), Alex Califano (Vera/Wizard Woman), and Mike Mahoski (space droid KP3) did outstanding jobs. I thought Mike's costume and performance were fantastic. He truly appeared to be a droid and the props really added to that. My favorite parts of the play were Byron's attempts to change into Superbrain. In order to conceal his secret he had to change without anyone noticing. He did this by jumping into a box in the main office. He was foiled many times by wandering residents and heroes, so his frustration made for some very funny moments. I have no idea how the stage crew and Zach pulled that off, but he really seemed to jump into the box, change and reappear moments later. I guess it will remain a mystery to me.

I have been attending the high school's dramas and musicals for five years now, and they seem to get better each and every year. I highly recommend that you come out and see the musical as KPHS students take the stage to perform Beauty and the Beast later this year.

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