Thinking of Blogging? Meet 2 Local Bloggers

Passion for their subjects and for sharing information inspires these two locals to bog on Patch.

Do you have a passion for a certain hobby? Do find inspiration in nature? Maybe you love to cook or exercise. We'd love for you to share your interests, opinions and passion on Patch by blogging. Meet two of our local bloggers:

Kings Park Blogger Finds Limitless Inspiration in Nature

When he’s thinking up ideas for his latest blog post on Kings Park Patch, Jan Porinchak takes a hike. In the great outdoors, Porinchak finds there’s inspiration all around him.

A middle school art teacher and a naturalist, Porinchak finds he can combine his love of educating with his love of nature while writing for Patch. Volunteering is in his blood so he’s been a hike leader for the Sierra Club and serves on the Environmental Committee of the Nissequogue River State Park Foundation. A short film called "Ecosystems of Life" that he hosted is used in the science curriculum of the Kings Park School District. He's also a nature artist. Click here to read a Q&A with Jan.

Blogging Lets Local Share Her Little Corner of Old Field With the World

Patch Blogger Carole Trottere says she wants to live in the Old Field Lighthouse, like the ocean watchers of old, if only someone would let her.

She has great qualifications: she’s a mother and has experience warning people about imminent danger. She also mailed 600 of those little plastic “wagon wheels” back to the company that runs the water treatment plant where they came from after the curious objects started washing up on beaches all over the Long Island Sound. And blogging for Patch makes her feel a little like Lois Lane.

Trottere, who says her true love is “writing screenplays that no one buys,” works as the director of communications for the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. Her observations of living on the North Shore are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant but always entertaining. She shares her vision of life by writing on Three Village Patch contributing her voice to the growing conversation engaged in by a multitude of Patch Bloggers. Click here to read a Q&A with Carole.


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