The Dish: Sandwich and a Slice of Coffee Cake

Pick your sandwich at Edelweiss Deli.


My father could identify nearly any town on Long Island by the local deli. If I asked him directions on how to get somewhere, he would carefully explain the route, the landmarks and then would always add, “you know, there’s a little deli there, they have great… fill in the blank with coffee, Danish, soup. You get the point.

is one of those places.

Craving a good old thickly piled ham on wheat, with a little cheese, tomato, mayo and lettuce I pulled over and gave in to the calling.

The deli has been in business doing business in Kings Park since 1990 and is owned and run by David and Monique Hennings.

While I was there, I saw a few types of coffee cake that seemed to be calling my name. The chocolate called the loudest and so I asked David to add it to my brown bag.

Edelweiss goes far beyond a standard ham on wheat. Sandwiches like the Oinker- hot roast pork, melted jarlsberg cheese and Russian dressing on a roll or the Chixter made up of hot sliced chicken breast, melted mozzarella cheese, raw onion and Russian dressing are just two of a long list of special sandwiches. Most will run you somewhere around six bucks.

The deli has specials, a Facebook page and a weekly newsletter, the latter two will  keep you up with catering deals and special food items like the Italian Plum Cake that hit the store this week.

Edelweiss Delicatessen is located on 86 East Main Street in Kings Park.

John K Massaro August 31, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Pastrami & melted white american cheese on a toasted garlic roll with just a touch of salt & pepper. A small bag of Fritos & a Dr Pepper seals the deal. Now I'm hungry... :)
Monique Hennings August 31, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Thank you for the kind review! I read Kings Park Patch all the time, and it was a nice surprise to come across this article! Actually, what we make is homemade German plum cake using Italian prunes. The prunes (not all prunes are dried plums) are in season a very short time, and our customers always look forward to this time of year...we can't make enough of it!


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