News Nearby: Commack Mother of Three Killed in LIRR Crash

A round up of headlines from neighboring towns.

Inspector: Crime is Down in Port Jefferson Station and Terryville

Commanding officer of the SCPD's Sixth Precinct addressed the Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association meeting on Tuesday night.

Commack Mother of Three Killed in LIRR Crash
Blanca Maldonado, a mother of three from Commack, is confirmed to be one of the two people killed Tuesday when her vehicle collided with an oncoming Long Island Rail Road train in
Brentwood, according to a report by the Daily News.

Maldonado, 52, died in the crash along with her 73-year-old father, Jose Adolfo Reyes, who was a passenger in his daughter's 2010 Nissan Maxima when she attempted to drive around a railroad crossing gate. According to the report, Maldonado's vehicle was in the direct path of the eastbound train when the two collided, causing a burst of heavy flames.

Library to Launch ‘Teach Me Mobile’ Education Series

Emma S. Clark Memorial Library launched computer classes quite some time ago, teaching Microsoft applications and other programs to those in the community who need help learning computer literacy. Now, the library is again poised to respond to what it has determined is a need among its patrons: classes to teach people how to use their mobile technology, whether it's a tablet, e-reader, or MP3 player. The series of classes, which library administrators have named "Teach Me Mobile," is expected to make its debut in February.


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