Lucille Drew: Kings Park's Friendliest Waitress

Having worked at Professor's Diner for nearly three decades, Lucille Scavone Drew, better known to her customers as "LuLu", serves up breakfast with a smile to all of her customers.

If you have frequented in the Kings Park Shopping Plaza in the past 26 years, you have undoubtedly met Lucille "LuLu" Drew, a friendly and welcoming waitress.

Drew, the sister-in-law of owner , opens the store at 7 a.m. and works through the lunch hours.

Drew's family is deeply rooted in Kings Park.  Her dad, Hugo, was known to many as the local mailman from the 1960's through 1980's. Her parents raised her older sister Linda, brother Michael and Lulu in San Remo.  A graduate of Class of 1979 , Drew has worked in many establishments as a waitress; The Old Dock, Antonio's and Outback.  Yet she is devoted Professor's. She has worked there consistently over the past 26 years.

Drew is married to Dave, who works at St. Catherine's Hospital. They have five children; Nicole, Kristen, Dave, Tina and Vincent.  Although the Drews have to work in order to raise their clan, they do enjoy a yearly family vacation of a few days upstate visiting their daughter Kristen, who married and moved to Orange County, or a trip to Hershey Park.

The next time you are having a meal at Professor's you may hear someone enter and affectionately yell "Lulu!".  What often follows resembles a family reunion of hugs and smiles all around.  Former Kings Parkers returning for a visit love reminders of the town they left. LuLu the Waitress brings a smile to them all.


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