Injured Pedestrian, Williams, Showing Signs Of Recovery

24-year-old Brittany Williams opened her eyes for the first time on Christmas morning.

Brittney Williams, the 24 year-old Kings Park resident earlier this month is starting to show signs of progress, according to her sister, Julianna Catapano.

Williams, a graduate, opened her eyes for the first time on Christmas morning, delighting her family who say they remain positive with her slow but steady progress. Williams is being treated in the head-trauma unit at where she earned the nickname "Sleeping Beauty" from nurses.

“Prayer is helping Brittney to recover and we hope people will continue to pray,” said Catapano.

Catapano and Williams' best friend Niki Bose are encouraged by the progress.

“Every time I see her, it’s something new, squeezing my hand, a new facial expression or moving her arm – she’s fighting for her kids,” said Bose.

The young women said they and Brittney’s mom, Hope Williams, have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of love for Williams. Kings Park residents, neighbors and friends of the family have dropped off Christmas gifts for the children and multiple meals since the accident.

As Williams begins the long road to recovery, child care and medical costs have begun to mount prompting Catapano and Bose to organize a bake sale/craft sale. The event will be held on Sunday at at 230 Middle Country Road in Smithtown from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

“We’re asked people to bring baked goods and we’re selling home-made jewelry. We want people to come by even if it’s just for support,” said Bose.

Both crafty, Bose’s makes custom jewelry and Catapano makes homemade hula hoops and feathered earrings, the girls will be selling them as well as donated baked goods.

“People are coming together and are more supportive that I could have ever asked for,” said Catapano.

Catapano has been making homemade videos of Williams' children to encourage her recovery. In them, her children talk to her, her infant daughter's face lights up as she coos to the camera while her four-year-old on talks to Brittney and bounces around like four-year-olds do.

He then goes straight up to the camera and laid a big kiss on the lens saying, "I love you mommy." Both girls are optimistic Brittney will be able to see her children in the near future.

Brittney's recovery is expected to be long and more events are in the works, said Bose. Residents wishing to donate baked goods or crafts for this Sunday's event can drop them off the day of the event. For more information call Niki Bose at 631-786-0587.

Xxxxx January 07, 2012 at 11:28 AM
Britt britt <3 this is good news to hear. Praying for you everyday. All this positive energy will do wonders for your recovery. I'm so happy to see all this kindness come out of the community. They stated the time and place of the bake sale but not the date I hope I didn't miss it ! This will give me a chance to put my new cupcake maker to work! Yea I'm a total nerd. Praying for you britt hopefully I can get up there to see you if that's at all possible . And I don't know why I'm ranting to a news blog .... I guess I just miss you . See you soon chica<3 stay strong !
Maureen Rossi January 07, 2012 at 01:18 PM
event is this Sunday from 8 am -2: pm I'm baking too!


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