Flanagan: Former KPPC Should be Maintained as Parkland

Flanagan said he would like to see the land maintained and enhanced.


Parkland is what state Sen. John Flanagan would like to see for the former grounds of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center.

“Part of our legacy should be how we can maintain and enhance it. I would love to see a boardwalk from Sunken Meadow to the park,” said Flanagan.

Flanagan secured $29 million in 2006 for the environmental clean up of the area.  Currently 522 acres of the grounds are home to Nissequogue River State Park.

“I wish things had gone more quickly,” he said, referring to the 15-year time span since the center closed to the recently started demolition of buildings on the property.

Flanagan said he would like to see an Environmental Bond Act created, where residents can vote on spending money on parkland.

“There year there was a considerable spike in people who came to state parks,” said Flanagan and cited Wentworth State park in New Hampshire as a favorite spot for his family to visit.

“I think if you set this up and let people know what is going to happen, I believe people will buy in. Even with financial difficulties, the great equalizing factor is ultimately you decide,” he said.

The demolition, thus far, has gone off without problems. Flanagan said his office has not received any complaints about the work and is in agreement with parks officials who want to assess the first phase of the demolition before starting the second phase.

“In the category of patience, whatever is above platinum is what Kings Park deserves,” he said.

Sam October 24, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Why has no one brought up the amount of construction trucks speeding up and down Saint Johnsland and Church street all day. Speeding past 2 schools, a church and a library. Why are the trucks using these streets and not using the park entrance off of 25A? Not just for the danger of the trucks and the tons of kids walking about, but for the sack of the side roads--they are in bad shape to start with, pot holes and lose gravel--the huge heavy 18 wheelers are going to destroy the streets.


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