5 Blogs to Check Out: Bathroom Design Trends for 2012

Also, a look back at the top Olympic moments of London 2012.

Take a look back at some of the biggest moments at the 2012 Olympics with blogger

  shares some of themost popular 2012 bathroom and  remodeling trends and this year. The wide variety of options and price ranges make it possible to satisfy every need and budget.

It's common knowledge to many Long Islander's that Katie's Bar in Smithtown is haunted. It's been investigated on TV's "Paranormal State," and there has been a lot of hype surrounding the place over the past few years. It's not the only popular eatery that has a ghost or two, however.

Imagine that you are walking down a path and a brick wall has been placed directly in front of you. It's solid, it's tangible, and it's obvious that something needs to change for you to continue. Or, you can stay exactly where you are and have this brick wall stop you from ever moving down your path say bloggers .

Historic Newspapers, a constantly growing, online, searchable collection of newspapers going as far back as 1822 is now available at Live-brary.com through Suffolk County Public Libraries. Live-brary.com provides access to 12 historic local newspapers in a digitalized format enabling you to delve back nearly 200 years into Suffolk County’s history.

blogs on what he sees as the untruths of global warming.


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