Living with Intention

Do you live by default or do you live with intention? Here are 21 ways you can live your life intentionally.

When my husband Don welcomes people into our home, I often hear him saying "Hello hello!"  He's such a positive guy and I know I'm not doing it justice by simply writing down what he says! This greeting conveys a sense of "Hey, I am soooo glad you are here, you are important to me, and it is wonderful that you are a part of my life."  I would imagine that when people hear this kind of greeting, it goes well beyond the spoken words and touches their hearts and lives.  My husband has such a nice way of being in the world and this is only one example of how he lives his life with the intention of making the world a better place--starting within our home and with the people he cares about.

This week's post on nicolenenninger.com is about living your life with intention. So often our days can slip away, feeling like a blur in our quest to 

  • balance work and home
  • become financially secure
  • maintain our relationships
  • work through our latest challenges
  • remain centered, balanced, and grounded throughout it all.  


Living with intention, to me, means being able to stay present and grounded despite everything going on around you.  Easier said than done, but when you create the intention to live in love and peace, it's amazing how everything can become smoother, easier, and more peaceful in your life.  Here's this week's article:

Do you live by default?

Here are some clues: Do you find yourself living more in the past or future instead of in the present moment? Do you numb yourself or tune out the world by overeating, using alcohol, or drugs? Do you overreact or do you bury your feelings?  What is the cost to you if you live your life in the default mode instead of taking charge and living it with intention? 

21 Ways to Live Your Life Intentionally:

1. Be grateful.
2. Don’t take anything for granted.
3. Learn to forgive.
4. Say you’re sorry.
5. Become mindful of your reactions.
6. Be kind.
7. Show compassion.
8. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
9. Contribute. Give back.
10. Have fun!
11. Meditate, have quiet time.
12 Always leave the world a better place than how you found it.
13. Be in the Now.
14. Act in spite of your fears.
15. Choose your beliefs.
16. Always opt for love and peace.
17. Walk your talk.
18. Be curious.
19. Spend time in nature.
20. Never stop learning.
21. Have goals.

What does living intentionally mean to you?

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