Sertinos Cafe Celebrates 1 Year in Business

Monday marks Sertinos' one year anniversary in Smithtown.

One year ago Sertinos Cafe entered Smithtown, taking over the former home to Sizzler on West Main Street. Locals would have another choice to enjoy coffee, lunch, ice cream and more.

With the year anniversary here, Lowenthal reflected on his experience as a first-time business owner. 

"It's been a whirlwind filled with a lot of ups and downs," he said. "A lot of people love the concept [and] thank me for being in Smithtown to some days we wonder if anyone lives in Smithtown because we're empty."

In the first year Lowenthal said the "Pair Any 2 Combo" and paninis have done very well and with the second year he will provide a greater focus around two specific items on the menu he'd like to see sell more.

"The coffee and the ice cream, we'd like to see the coffee and ice cream part of the business bigger than it is right now," he said. "We try to have our specials around the ice cream and the coffee and get people to know, 'hey, you can come in and have a varied selection here.'"

A goal for Lowenthal for his second year in operation is to get locals to know exactly what kind of eatery Sertinos is. While he said he has a steady amount of regulars and people are aware of what the cafe serves, there are still numerous locals that aren't aware it is a casual eatery with quickly served food items, similar to a Panera Bread or Starbucks.

"We still have people that still thought it was a Sizzler where they want to sit down and be served and the concept isn't right for them that night," he said.

Also in the second year Lowenthal plans on focusing more on lunch catering for local businesses and offices as well as bringing in new items.

Lowenthal, , said he's glad he made the decision to open the cafe instead of returning to New York City to work.

"I've met a tremendous amount of people, overwhelmingly great people here, customers that really love the place and that makes me feel great," he said. 

Marion Knott August 13, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Last December my best friend and her husband invited us to Settinos for lunch. They had extolled its virtues and we were a little bit leary of their choice. It was wonderful. We took home the chips they served with lunch and when I got home I found that my chips were stale. I called Settinos to tell them and the boss himself called and said they were having trouble with the company. He promised free ice cream on our next visit. Sadly we couldn't make it this sumnmer. We live in San Francisco part of the time and due to a horrible fall only had two weeks in St. James so we'll have to wait until December. Whether or not we get free ice cream we are going back to this wonderful restaurant.
To tell you the truth... August 15, 2012 at 01:46 AM
I have to admit that biggest thing that kept me away from Sertinos Cafe was the signage. The one sign on the front lawn area never appealed to me so I never made the effort. The logo signage on the front of the building is more interesting and inviting. When I did go at someones invite I was amazed at how wonderful it was. The food was fast and delicious in such a cozy atmosphere. The open mic night was fun ! I would recommend Sertinos to everyone.
Craig Lowenthal August 15, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Thanks for the wonderful comments! Marion - we still have that ice cream waiting for you!!! Benice - I couldn't agree with you more! I'd actually love to have the entire outside of the building re-done to make it more inviting. As the business continues to grow, we'll be looking to redo that front lawn sign and other external upgrades. As we've heard, unfortunately many people have never tried Sertinos because they are not sure what we are or think we are an Italian Restaurant and there are enough of those around already. We are hoping the addition of Sabrett Hot Dogs (try them with our Pretzel bun) and using Sabrett Umbrella's will help make the uninitiated more curious! In the meantime please help us spread the word!!! Thanks again for all the great comments and honest feedback!
Joanne Pender August 20, 2012 at 03:42 PM
As a business person... i found it a wonderful idea that Sertino's "meeting room" is available at NO COST other than the purchase of a cup of coffee or snack. What a great idea for new networking groups trying to get started. I have attended quite a few networking events at Sertino's and I must tell you - the breakfasts are fabulous! Craig, the owner, is a warm and wonderful person and worth getting to know. I absolutely recommend all you Smithtownians and nearby towns give Sertino's a try at least once this month and i promise you - you'll be back! Best wishes to Craig, his family and his staff on your one year! Here's to many more. Best of Luck.


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