Parade Provides Boost To Local Businesses

Eateries set up shop outside, drawing in spectators.

Saturday’s was not only a show of Irish spirit; it provided a shot in the arm for local businesses.

A few local eateries set up shop on the sidewalk, offering spectators the opportunity to buy food or drink on the street, which for some, helped increase sales.

“We did great business outside,” said Dave Hennings of . “If the day hadn’t been so gloomy before the parade started, I’m sure it would have been even better.”

This year set up a tent in their parking lot, compete with Irish music, corned beef sandwiches and beer on tap. More restaurants seemed to push their wares on the street rather than just their stores.

“It ended up being a good day. The weather cleared up,” said Steve Cardello, chef and co-owner of Relish. “We were able to clean up and get ready for dinner. We did a busy dinner.” Overall, Cardello thinks he did about the same as last year, but says this year was a good start. “I think we are going to try a pancake breakfast and fundraiser next year,” he said.

Pubs like had a steady crowd throughout the day, but said that last year Celtic was the place, but this year many establishments were taking advantage of a chance to increase business.

“I think last year people didn't know what to expect or do so everyone was at Celtic,” said owner Melissa MacDougall. This year people caught on. It was a great opportunity to make some money and thrive in your business.”

The became a gathering spot for locals, offering a place to sit, have a pint and chat with friends as well as a fundraiser. Auxiliary member, Jim Pavese said that raffles and drinks were a hit. Pavese, who also owns the Park Lounge, said he had a very steady day there.

"We had patrons coming in all throughout business hours,” said Pavese. “Much better than a regular Saturday night, so the parade definitely helped.”

What wasn’t a hit? At Edelweiss, the traditional Irish breakfast sausage didn’t go over very well.

"We offered Irish bangers, bratwurst and foot-long hot dogs,” said Hennings. “We hardly sold any of the bangers, but went through almost all of our hot dogs and brats. Bangers are basically just Irish bratwursts, so go figure.”

Donna D March 08, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Too bad shops could not come together every week and bring the locals out. Possibly side walk sales on the weekends or other incentives. I know I love to shop local.
tony March 09, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Great idea--too bad the sidewalks are too small to even allow 2 people to walk side by side. If Kings Park wants to improve its Main Street, make it more like Northport, Huntington--they need to make real sidewalks. Take away parking on one side of the street and expand the sidewalks on the bolth sides of the street. They need a clear and easy way to park your car at the lots by the train station--oh wait they had that but spent 50,000 to block it off and make a park so people eating at Ralph's have a place to sit, good thing Ralph's is only open 3 months of the year...if it was 12 months they may have closed down main street for them, who do they know. KP needs someone with some real business and redevelopment experience to start making changes in this town or Main street is just going to be all SROs (single room occupants). Think I am wrong, get out of your cars and walk up and down Main Street-not for a parade or a street fair and look at the stores, the apts above. Better yet wait for a hot night when the power goes out, you will see 100s of people on the sidewalks and behind Main street near the train station, you think the patients wandering around during the day are scary think again. And when you are on your walk, say hi to the homeless man that begs on Main Street or in front of TJMax's, or the group of men that sit and dink at the bus stop by the fire house. SAVE our town or the very least save your property values!
Nick March 11, 2012 at 09:09 PM
For the leases on commercial retail real estate in Kings Park, I could easily get a spot on a main street in a different town with better traffic, or a place with better parking. It doesn't make much sense for small businesses to get their start in this town.


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