GUIDE: In Smithtown, There's More Than One Way to Get a Pet

Pet shops, shelters and breeders call the area home.

Whether you are looking to adopt or buy a special pet to call your own there are different local places you can go.

First, there's the pet shop. Main Street’s Pick of the Litter just picked up new management under Elizabeth Persico, and sells dogs and cats from its storefront. Pick of the Litter has been in business for 15 years but new owner Persico is just four months into her stint as owner. The puppies are under her personal care and the care of four other people on staff. 

“It’s a tough job taking care of them,” said Persico. “But we love them all.”

Some of the puppies come from local Long Island breeders, and others are bred by the owners themselves, Persico said. They also offer grooming in the shop.

For those going the adoption route, the Smithtown Animal Shelter on East Main Street houses cats and dogs that, according to manager Monica Stevens, are mainly strays, found by town residents or injured.

“Kittens and small breed dogs are most popularly adopted here,” said Stevens. “But some older dogs and cats get adopted as well, which is great.”

Stevens explained that adult cats are able to roam around the shelter while kittens stay in cages, and dogs have kennels inside, but also have plenty of time outside on walks and runs. She said there are always lots of donations coming in from different people to care for the animals there.

According to Stevens, there is a long adoption process to go through to ensure a pet is being taken in by the right owner.

Lastly, Chihuahua lovers should check out the local breeder on Landing Avenue in Smithtown. Owner and breeder of the Chihuahuas, Timothy Foley, has been breeding for five years now.

Foley adopts Chihuahuas from dog shows and he also rescues them. He currently has 15 chihuahuas he is caring for and who are looking for good owners.

Foley trains the dogs that don't get adopted from him to compete in some Long Island and out-of-state dog shows. There are a few champions among his pack of Chihuahuas, Foley said. 

“When you breed dogs, you have to do the right thing by them,” said Foley. “I really have a passion for this breed.”

STJ July 24, 2012 at 10:23 PM
How disappointing to see an article encouraging people to purchase a pet from a store. Perhaps the reporters at the Patch should do some research on what kind of affect backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores are having on defenseless animals before reporting on this subject again. No reputable breeder would ever sell to a pet store, and regardless of what that store says, they are only interested in turning a profit on the irresponsible people who shop there.
Sharon Gallagher August 28, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Recently I purchased a chihuahua that was bred by Timothy Foley and I couldn't be happier with him. He is such top quality and prefect in every way. He has 20 champion blood lines in him and has perfect confirmation. He is also the SWEETEST chihuahua I have ever met. I am a dog groomer and come across poorly bred or nasty chihuahuas and was in doubt about every owning one, but when I met this little guy I fell in love. I also received a 5 year warranty with him and his puppy shots were covered too. I could not be any more happier with the experience I have had with getting my puppy through Tim.
Asia sewall August 28, 2012 at 11:59 PM
Tim foley kennels is the best. Tim really cares about his animals and breeds some of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. I purchased an 'Italian greyhuahua' from him about a year ago and she is the best dog I've had in my life. When I first for her I brought her to the vet and they were shocked at how healthy and just flat out perfect she was. The best part of it all is even though she was and is perfectly healthy, tim gives a 5 year health warrenty! Long story short private breeders are best and I will get all my future dogs from Tim.
Karen B August 29, 2012 at 03:17 AM
We have two of Tim Foley's chihuahua's....both are beautifully bred but the best part of them really is their temperament. We've adopted, purchased from a pet store, and purchased from breeders and, of course, loved every dog -- but I do have to say that Tim's dogs transitioned best of all into our home. Lastly, Tim really does love dogs because, as I saw for myself when we picked the dogs up, he has a collection of rescues too. He's a champion too!


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