Jezco Bulk Removal Leaving Kings Park for Yaphank

Jezco business owner says he's moving "to accommodate the citizens of Kings Park."

A Kings Park business is making the move to relocate further east after facing criticism and pressure from local residents. 

John Gesuale, owner of Jezco Bulk Removal, said he will be moving the business to a new location in Yaphank. 

"In order to accommodate the citizens of Kings Park, we have completely moved our business to a new location," Gesuale said in email dated July 22.  

He did not provide any further information on the future location and exact date of Jezco's move. 

Jezco has recently come under pressure from Town of Smithtown officials and Kings Park residents to clean up and become compliant with town's zoning codes.   

Kings Park residents have repeatedly  asked town officials to step up enforcement actions against these allegedly illegal industrial businesses complaining of loud noises and odor issues. 

On June 11, Smithtown officials received a temporary restraining order signed by Supreme Court Judge Daniel Martin that orders Jezco of New York; Jezco Containers; and Town, County and State Recycling  - and more than two dozen Kings Park businesses - from storing new trucks or taking in any more concrete, asphalt, mulch, stump or other debris in Kings Park.

Jezco is one of more than two dozen businesses based on 44 acres along the northwest corner of the Lawrence Road and Old Northport Road intersection. 
Smithtown officials say the businesses are operating against town zoning code by operating businesses on land that is largely zoned residential. They have asked the court for an injunction to shut the businesses down. 

CJ July 25, 2013 at 04:07 PM
King Parks, eh?


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