Locals Star in New Reality TV Show

North Shore 20-somethings stun and strive in 'Growing Up Gold Coast,' airing Nov. 25.

Eleven locals will star in an upcoming reality TV show about privileged 20-somethings living it up on Long Island's legendary North Shore, with a backdrop of some of the area's swankiest hotspots and homes.

"Growing Up Gold Coast" stars Chris "Gucci" Gucciardo of Northport, Danielle Sudyam of East Northport, Jill DiVito of Dix Hills, Holly Maurer of Kings Park, Joey Brenes of Copiague, Kristiana Maroudas of Oyster Bay Cove, Kristine Wynne of Huntington, Sal Triolo of Huntington, Marissa McGivney of Hicksville, Sean McCann of Northport, and AJ Scordio of Sands Point.

The tanned and toned crew parties hard and Huntington Village seems to be their favorite playground, with location shoots at Black Lantern Ultra Lounge and Sushi Den, XO Wine and Chocolate Bar, and Cafe Buenos Aires. Partying isn't their only endeavor, however, with each cast member trying to make their mark on the world--either big or small--and facing challenges somewhat akin to those faced by the common man.

Here is how the show describes itself: Growing Up Gold Coast features a group of friends who are attempting to find their way in life while navigating the competitive landscape of the Gold Coast. From the boardrooms to the bedrooms, these young adults will have to manage the expectations and pressures to succeed that come with living on the Gold Coast.  At a crossroads in their lives and in the midst of personal and professional turmoil, they will make decisions that are going to impact their destinies forever. Whether it is stepping out from the shadows of your parent’s success to pave your own path or fighting over the affections of a special someone, there is never a dull moment.

Chris "Gucci" Gucciardo resides in a 13,000 square foot mansion overlooking Long Island Sound and is second in command at his father's successful development company. In a post on GUGC's Facebook page, he said he hopes the show expands the public's notion of what it means to be from Long Island.

"Despite any of the negativity shown here, most of which by actual Long Islanders," he wrote, "my intentions for being part of this program is to and always has been to dismiss any preconceived notions that so many people have of Long Islanders based on "other" reality shows. I am lucky enough to be part of a group asked to represent the youth of Long Island and show that regardless of our upbringing or families social status, we are ambitious and determined to succeed on our own as individuals. So I ask those of you who take pride in this island we call home to rally behind us in showing those who do not know better that we are so much more than what some successful reality shows have unfairly depicted us."

Whether GUGC dispels inaccurate or unsophisticated views of Long Islanders remains to be seen, as the show has not yet aired. Though the cast is definitely flashy with a healthy dose of attitude, they are still portrayed as people, and the Gold Coast's beautiful natural assets and sophisticated cultural niches featured in GUGC are sure to divert from the "lawn-Guy-land" stereotype.

That the show is speciously named has been a frequent criticism, with Hicksville, East Northport, and Copiague falling out of the strict "Gold Coast" zone north of 25A.

In response to the criticism, launched around by visitors to the show's Facebook page, GUGC wrote, "True those are very wealthy areas, but this show is not only about rich kids. It’s also about those who struggle to make it to the top and possibly even move into those areas. Also AJ Scordio is from Sands Point and Chris Gucci lives in Fort Salonga in a certified Gold Coast Mansion, which is only one of his family's properties. There is more to Long Island then just one type of person and everyone should be included..."

'Growing Up Gold Coast" airs on the Lifetime Real Women Network (sister network to Lifetime) on Nov. 25 at 9:30 a.m. Check your local provider for listings.

Will you be watching? What do you think of the trailers? Tell us in the comment section below.

Joan Healy October 12, 2012 at 12:24 PM
These young adults are being exploited and so is the historic name 'Gold Coast of Long Island'. Even watching 'Gucci' talk about the responsibilities of working for his father, stating how hard is father worked to build his business and provide for his family and then they edit the presentation with clips of the young man partying poolside and having a threesome. The producers of this show should be ashamed for exploiting these kids like this. No matter what this young man does professionally they will exploit his private life and forever taint the promise of being a well respected man. And someday Gucci, you will be married with children. If this side of your life is what you would show on family 'movie' night, then go with it. But if you want your private life to stay private and poor choices not to forever be out there in the world then rethink just what example of a man your father was for you. Because your children will not have that.
Tom Dewick October 12, 2012 at 02:09 PM
I won't be wasting any time on this garbage. People are out of work all over the island and this is what is being presented as Long Island life. Bunch of snotty punks.
B.B. October 14, 2012 at 05:23 PM
This is ridiculous. NO ONE actually refers to the North Shore of Long Island "The Gold Coast."
Leah Bush October 15, 2012 at 02:01 AM
LOL...I don't know if I'm tan enough...also, my Mustang is in the shop.
Stevo October 24, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Sorry, more reality "poop" people will waste their time watching!!


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