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Has Kings Park Been Divided By the Barrett Fundraiser Controversy?

Patch readers speak out against name-calling, urge for community to pull together.

Kings Park Board of Education with trustee Liz Barrett, at right, taken in July 2013. (Photo Credit: Jennifer Sloat)
Kings Park Board of Education with trustee Liz Barrett, at right, taken in July 2013. (Photo Credit: Jennifer Sloat)
After Kings Park Board of Education Trustee Liz Barrett has handed in her resignation to the school district on Tuesday, Kings Park Patch readers are attempting to rally for the unifications of a community seemingly split in two following than 12 months of controversy. 

Barrett resigned from her elected position with Kings Park Central School District after being accused of publicly discussing a district employee's employment status, while the board was still investigating ethics complaints over an earlier community fundraiser. 

Several Patch readers reacted to news of Barrett's resignation with criticism of how community members have acted. 

"We as a community should be looking at how vindictive and evil this debate has become. There seems to be a growing trend among a small group of Kings Parkers to attack anyone who dares oppose their viewpoint. It is an ugly ugly trend and should really stop," wrote commenter Richie Marcus. 

He was not alone in his observation of how Kings Park appears to have split over the issue. 

"I do not know the entire story but. I do know that the sense of community has been destroyed. In my 50 plus yrs living in kings park I have never experience such cut throat individuals. This is not wall street. Power corrupts. All parties should be ashamed of themselves," said Mary Lou McLoughlin on Kings Park Patch's Facebook page. 

At the well-attended Dec. 3 Board of Education meeting, both school security guards were present at the meeting and Suffolk County police units were parked outside Kings Park High School to make sure order was maintained. 

Despite the security presence, board members had to ask community member to settle down and stop calling out from the audience. 

"Enough. This is had gone on far too long. Our students do not deserve this embarrassment," said Marie Goldstein, president of Kings Park Board of Education, at the Dec. 3 meeting. 

Kings Park Patch readers have also expressed their tiredness at the quarreling over Barrett's fundraiser, and how it has affected the community.

"...It has been more than a year that all of this has been going on and this school district and this community have far bigger issues to deal with, not even Sally can argue that one. Lets all just be happy everything is done now. Mrs Barrett can relax with just a little piece of mind, and the community can move on. I think this is for the best for everyone," commented reader Will Schneider

We ask, Do you feel the Kings Park community has become split or divided by the handling of Barrett fundraiser controversy? Can it be mended, and if so, how? 

Tell us how you feel in the comments below. 

bbaro December 13, 2013 at 09:33 AM
they all need to go starting with Marni Goldstein. They all have to go!
KPLifer December 16, 2013 at 10:13 AM
BBARO - you dont even know the name of the person you are talking about?. It justs proves that an idiot like you does not have an original thought in their head... keep following - it will get you exactly nowhere.
bbaro December 16, 2013 at 10:35 AM
I am not a KPLifer but If I were, I would be even more ashamed of the goings and the big machine that has been allowed to run this town. The school board and their cronies have way to much power. They need to concentrate on how to handle the bullying problem. so get a life KP Lifer!
Will Schneider December 16, 2013 at 11:11 PM
Bbaro, I have a lot of problems with your post, but in the interest of promoting intelligence and reasonable discourse on this blog, I will point out: (1) Marie Goldstein is president of the board. Marni Goldstein works for the OCS at Harvard. (2) Repetition is poor for rhetoric. That's not an error, just friendly advice (3) When describing the degree to which something is excessive "too" would be the appropriate spelling, and (4) For someone encouraging the BoE to handle the "bullying problem," anonymously telling someone to "get a life" is certainly a prudent thing to say.
bbaro December 17, 2013 at 07:35 AM
Will thank you for proof reading my post. I will be more careful next time. That being said you fully understood it without any problem. Please read the post previous to mine then tell me who the bully is. The school board is the worst it has ever been. The nonsense continues.


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