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Having a Great Weekend? Share Your Pics With the Community

Show your neighbors what fun you're having.

We know you're likely having great weekends, especially now that weather has warmed and the regions parks, beaches and outside attractions are so accessible. Heck, your own backyards can be the getaways you need this weekend.
But while you're having so much fun, let's take a moment to share the experience with your neighbors by uploading photos to this Weekend Gallery. We'll show off the best best ones front and center ont eh sites. And don't worry if photos are from adventures outside of your home town. Have a great day in New York City? Did you visit the aquarium? Or are you enjoying a baguette in Paris? Share the experience.

Here are a few simple steps you need to follow. Then you'll be able to upload photos, announcements, events and comment on stories.

  1. Create an account
  2. Click on the “Upload Photos and Videos” button above
  3. Upload your photos and videos
  4. Make sure to include your write-ups in the Caption area for your photos

Your photos will be included in our daily newsletter for thousands of your neighbors to see. You don't get the newsletter yet? What are you waiting for?

Thank you so much for using Patch. And, above all, have a great weekend.


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