Good News of the Week: Boys Honored After Saving Nanny

Some stories put a smile on your face. Here's our wrap-up from around Northern Suffolk and the East End.

As a local news organization, Patch covers stories of all kinds, from heartbreaking tragedies to nitty-gritty breakdowns of government and school district issues. But some stories are simply inspiring, often showing that at the heart of our communities is a desire to do good. Here are some of the touching headlines from the past seven days.

A Southampton nanny has her wards to thank for her life after two brothers, 11-year-old Jonathan Otto-Bernstein and 13-year-old Nicholas Otto-Bernstein, were able to keep her from drowning after she had a seizure in a swimming pool.

Their heroism was recognized with a .

The account of the rescue is indeed dramatic, as the brothers struggled to keep the unconscious babysitter from drowning and even were able to administer chest compressions on her while they were in the pool.

"The actions of Nicholas Otto-Bernstein and Jonathan Otto-Bernstein, in the opinion of this officer, were heroic," 1st Lt. Alfred Callahan, who responded to the near drowning, said in a statement. "Their extremely mature ability to remain calm under extreme pressure resulted in the safety of the victim."

A 7-Eleven owner in Westhampton Beach is raising thousands of dollars to send special needs children to camp, and all it took was a jar on the counter of his convenience store.

Richard Santonocito is raising the cash for Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, where he has served on the board for more than four years.

“The money that goes into those jars will definitely benefit the children and young adults who attend the camp,” Santonocito said. “To some people, it may be a couple of coins in a jar, but it adds up to providing a great summertime experience for the campers.”

Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter this week honored recreation beach attendant Patrick O'Neil, lifeguard Emma Delli Carpini and lifeguard Paul Iannacchino at the town board work session for working together to save a man who fell into the water when kayaking by Reeves Beach.

The victim had not been wearing a life-preserver, and made the mistake of swimming away from the kayak after he fell in.

"Life is precious and can end in a second," Walter told the crowd at the public meeting. "There is someone walking on the face of this earth today who wouldn't be, without the efforts of these individuals. Instead, we would have been attending a funeral. People like you make the beach safe."

Happy birthday to Henrietta Dubinsky, who after turning 100 years old recently said she credited her longevity to believing in herself ... and snacking on some dark chocolate now and then.

Dubinsky celebrated the milestone at St. Johnland Nursing Center surrounded by family and her husband of 73 years, Maurice, who recently moved to St. Johnland to be with her.

Melina Hale August 12, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Well done, boys! Truly an inspirational story but the boys received a COMMENDATION (something that commends, as a formal recommendation or an official citation or award: a commendation for bravery) not an ACCOMMODATION (the act of accommodating; state or process of being accommodated; adaptation; anything that supplies a need, want, favor, convenience, etc.)
Joseph Pinciaro August 18, 2012 at 03:12 AM
Thanks for the note Melina! It's been fixed. - Joe


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