Good Eats for Good Friday: Where to Eat Meat-Free in Kings Park

Check out these Kings Park eateries for a spin on eating meatless for Lent.

Tired of eating pizza every Friday for Lent?  Branch out and try local eateries’ salads and veggie and seafood dishes with American, Chinese, Thai, or Italian cuisine.  Here is your guide to meat-free dishes in Kings Park for the last Friday of Lent.

  • is a combination of a deli, grocery, and café which offers vegetarian options for salads, wraps, and pasta.  You can also pick up produce to make your own vegetarian meals at home.
  • Get dinner to go and pick up Chinese food at , which has vegetable dishes such as vegetable lo mein, broccoli with garlic sauce, and eggplant.  If you eat seafood, there is a wide selection of shrimp and lobster dishes.  and also offer vegetarian menus.  If you would prefer a sit-down experience, head to .
  • Enjoy a light salad and soup from , which offers pre-made salads to go, including garden and Greek tossed salads, as well as a tuna garden tossed salad.  Andersen’s also offers a dozen different soups daily, including vegetable vegetarian soup, cream of tomato rice, and cream of broccoli.
  • boasts an impressive menu of fish dishes, including stuffed, broiled, or fried filet of sole, as well as egg and Greek salads and a variety of eggs and omelettes that are not just for breakfast.
  • Are you more adventurous in your tastes?  Have lunch or dinner at , a Thai cuisine restaurant which offers a vegetarian menu that includes gang puck (red curry paste, coconut milk, mixed vegetables, and tofu), sautéed mixed vegetables, and eggplant and basil.  You could also choose from several different shrimp curries, or the many other seafood dishes of shrimp and scallops.
  • For fancier dining, head to for delicious eggplant parmigiana, shrimp, and calamari.  Of course, you could also just go with a plate of pasta, and choose from the five types of pasta and ten sauces.
  • If you can’t get enough seafood, try out , where besides shrimp and scallops, you can get trout, flounder, swordfish, salmon, clams, crab, and lobster.  Be sure to stop by around lunch time to snag their luncheon specials.


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