#98- Ice Skating at Superior Ice Rink

This local rink has been used for public skating, lessons and hockey leagues since the early 1970s.

On an icy day in the middle of winter, an indoor ice rink may not be the first place to where one thinks of going. On this day, Superior Ice Rink is open and there's a handful of people during a public skating session. In addition to these public sessions, the rink is open year-round for lessons and leagues.

Located at 270 Indian Head Road, the business has been owned and operated by the McGuigan family since 1972. The owners aim to provide recreational ice skating and ice hockey in a family atmosphere."

Manager Nancy Holmberg, explains what makes this rink unique to the area. "It is a family-owned facility," she said. "Other surrounding rinks in the area are all town-owned. It's much more personal and I think we know almost everybody that walks through these doors. [The McGuigans] run it like a family-run business."

Aside from sessions open to the public, the programs (staffed by experienced professionals) include group and private lessons, summer hockey camp and hockey leagues consisting of a house league and the Long Island Royals, a Tier 1, AAA travel league.

Vince Linnane of East Northport is at Superior about once a week. "It's an activity for kids of all ages whether it's a snow day, an evening or a Friday night DJ night," he said. "It's a place for them to go out and have something to do. And skating's a lot of fun and an exercise activity."

Category: Indoors
Price: $9 for adults ($11 on Friday nights) plus $4 skate rentals, $7 for 11 years and under, $5 for seniors and three years and under.
Season: Year-round
Note: Call 269-3900 for hours

Stay tuned for #97 next week, same time same place. And if you missed #99.


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